16th August 2001

Just read about a Japanese arcade game called
Boong Ga Boong Ga. A description from the linked site: “You, the player, try to cram a plastic finger up a virtual woman’s ass. The harder you shove, the more reaction you get from the computerized face on the screen.” The world is an odd, odd place.

(via eatonweb)

[P.S. Luke wrote in to point out that the game is actually Korean, and it has eight characters: ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, gangster, mother-in-law, gold digger, prostitute, child molester, and con artist. Quentin says that, “The mission isn’t to ‘cram a virtual finger up a virtual woman’s ass.’ The idea is just to poke their butt really hard in a kind of spanking-esque way.” Good clarifications. And my new mission is to work “spanking-esque” into polite conversation.]

2:02 p.m.