18th June 2001

Everyone wants to know What Women Want. Sarah and Regina have some pretty clear ideas. An excerpt:

Sarah: Because the thing is, Frat Guy is often Balding And In Denial Guy.


Sarah: So do I!

Regina: And I don’t hate Regular Old Secure Balding Guy!

Sarah: Nobody hates that guy! He’s secure! He’s regular! He’s balding! We love him!

Regina: LOVE!

Sarah: He eats olives!

Regina: He wears PINK!

Sarah: Yes!

Regina: But not Balding And In Denial Guy!

Sarah: No!

Regina: Owns FIVE Frisbees!

Sarah: DOESN’T hide the porn!

Regina: WON’T go out for sushi!

(via attaboy)

1:45 a.m.