28th March 2001

My friends and I were watching a profile of Buford Furrow (the guy who shot five people in a Jewish community center) on “60 Minutes II” last night. The anchor had such an Einsteinian moment that all of us burst into simultaneous laughter:

“When Judge Cody released Furrow, she ordered that he continue on his medication, stay away from alcohol and never touch a firearm again for the rest of his life. These were big changes for a heavy drinker, a mental patient with a passion for guns.”

3:47 p.m.

Three unrelated things that, when combined, represent my current mood:

  • When my nextdoor neighbor is frustrated, her preferred relaxation method is screaming and raining blows on her 12-year-old daughter. She was particularly frustrated this morning. I emerged from the shower to call 911.
  • Left for work and ran into a sweet boy I met a few months ago. He introduced me to his very new girlfriend and absently shared the story of how he’d asked me out and I’d said no. Was forced to exchange awkward small talk with them for my entire commute.
  • Parted ways with the new girlfriend and waited on the curb next to an Asian woman. A homeless man passed us and leaned across me to face her, “We’re just playin’ with the Chinese. See-ya-later!”9:16 a.m.