17th February 2001

[editor’s note] It occurrs to me, as I post today’s message that Mighty Girl left me, she might have at least assumed that I had some big Presidents’ Weekend plans. The fact that I’m posting this at 1:00AM Saturday morning, after having spent the evening playing video games, has nothing to do with it…

While I’m away, you should visit Annie. She doesn’t update often enough, but she’s one of my favorites.

Four Kraftwerk-lookin’ indie rockers stood on the
platform with me; they were thick-spectacled, pale, and thin. I felt instantly uncool for
wearing my purple pajama top under my coat, even though they wouldn’t see it. Indie
rockers make me nervous.

Wearing a white shirt and black pants, along with a tie worthy of placement in the International Male catalog, the
young man slinked his way toward our party. He began to gyrate his pelvis and wave his hands in the air like he just
don’t care — all in front of poor Ophi. Upon closer inspection of Rico Suave’s getup, I noticed that he was sporting a
tacky gold chain around his neck. Obviously someone got a good prize in his Burger King Kids Club Meal.

[Regarding a battle with depression:]

What people say

How long were you on medication?

What people mean

Exactly how crazy were you?

What people say

Do you still go to therapy?

What people mean

Are you still crazy?

What people say

It doesn’t seem like someone like you could have problems.

What people mean

Oh my god, what if I go crazy someday, too?

[One of Annie’s New Years resolutions:]

more rock, less talk.