16th February 2001

While I’m away, you should read Caterina:

“Jim’s roommate, let’s call him Lester, was a prodigious serial
seducer. He seduced more women in college than anyone would ever have
believed, being kind of an unassuming computer programmer kind of guy
with very average looks. His secret was, I guess, charm, but mostly that
he never told a soul. Never bragged, never raised an eyebrow, never
brought it up in casual conversation, never said a word. Kissing but no
telling. No one knows to this day what a Don Juan Lester was in the early
90s at Vassar, not the women he seduced not his CS classmates, only
his roommates, and their confidantes, such as me.”

“Main Entry: lapsus calami

Pronunciation: “lap-sus-‘ka-la-“mE, “lap-sus-‘ka-le-“mI

Usage: foreign term

Etymology: Latin

: slip of the pen”

“When I was little I was over at at the
Vance’s house playing with John Vance, the youngest of six
brothers, whose immediate predecessors were Matthew, Mark and
Luke� John was showing me the hamster that
he and his brothers had gotten for Christmas, which I had come
especially to see. He lifted it out of its cage and showed it to me. It
had twitchy whiskers and I petted it tentatively with my forefinger,
finding it very very soft. I was completely smitten. Then he kissed the
hamster and said, “I love you SOOO MUCH” and squeezed it so
hard he killed it dead.”