6th January 2001

Just got back from vitamin shopping. The One-a-Day Calcium Supplement recommended “serving” is two-a-day. Better yet, the side of the bottle said, “Two One-a-Day Calcium supplements offer 1,000 mg of Osteoporosis-fighting calcium. For pregnant women three One-a-Day Calcium supplements offer 1,500 mg of Osteoporosis-fighting calcium.” Because, as you know, pregnancy does render one incapable of doing simple arithmetic.

8 p.m.

Philosophical note to self (and you too, since you’re here):

People who are good to know are also sometimes hard to know. If you want sparky friends in your life, you have to accept all of their eccentricities–not just the cute ones. The things you have to work for are usually better anyway.

7:28 p.m.