5th September 2000


To: Me

From: A friend who just got off icq.

Scenario: He and a fellow programmer discuss a new word.


maggie, you have to read this. it’s an icq
conversation I just had with

<stupid conversation>

Scott: I got mad perl hacking phearness!

Marty: phearness?

Scott: yes its a term that was created in this
very room……

Marty: what does it mean?

Scott: it means kinda anything…but particular
and in that expample its
kinda like means that my mad perl hacking skilll are
so great they should
cause others fear..hence I got mad perl hacking

Marty: that makes no sense. and what are you, a

Scott: its makes perfect sense…what kinda
programmer are you? and no I
am not a rapper!

Marty: -ness: suff. State; quality; condition; degree: brightness.

I’m pretty sure the prefix to -ness has to be an
adjective. dictionary.com
lists 0 references to fear being an adjective.

Marty: thus, it makes no sense.

Marty: it certainly doesn’t make perfect sense.

Scott: obvisoiuly you just don’t
understand….you must have no
programming phearness

Marty: I hope not, it sounds stupid

Scott: poor martin…your just not down with the

Marty: and I’m sure that neither you nor me could
cause others fear via
programming skill. in fact, I’m reasonably certain
that bjarne wouldn’t
cause anyone fear due to programming skill, and he’s
arguably the best
programmer ever.

Scott: why must you argue such points with me?
just accept it as a cool
word….obviously your just not under enough stress
at your job to
understand code hakcing phearness

Marty: well I’m certainly not under enough stress to
invent grammatically
incorrect affix construction and then incorrectly
deduce its meaning.

Scott: i can mean whatever the fuck we want we
invented the god damn
thing and its not like the god damn english language
makes any fucking sense
anyway! bitch ass mother fucker!

</stupid conversation>

7:49 p.m.