6th July 2000

We’re on press deadline and our Web production editor just sent this out.

Subject: What I tell people I do.

“I’m but a serf in the corporate feudal system. I toil in a cube farm, tending
to several Web sites. But my life is not without joy. During the day my fellow
cube dwellers may take a break from the glaring fluorescent lights over us and
the CRTs in front of us, and someone may pull out a tinwhistle or an MP3 player
and break into a little tune. We may smile a little and, if for a moment, forget
our carpal tunnel aches. Today is an especially busy time, so the lords may add
a handful of hay to our beds or a couple more potatoes to the Indian curry we’ve
ordered online. The weekend allows little reprieve as at the end of the day I
will strap the trusty laptop to my back and continue to wipe the sweat from my
brow tomorrow and the next day. We are but simple folk and hopefully one day I
will have accrued enough in my 401K to free myself from these chains.”

11:20 a.m.