Jul 11 2013

Go Travel: 10 Things To Do in Napa Valley

10 Things You Should Do in Napa Valley

10 Things You Should Do in Napa Valley

My dear friend Helen Jane was one of the first professional bloggers. She designed the web site right here, and she’s been living in Napa for nearly a decade. I’m always asking her where to go and what to do when friends are in town, so she wrote up a Go Travel for us on Napa Valley, California. Go have a look.

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Jul 3 2013

Je Ne Regrette Rien

Oh. Oh, no. I’m afraid of Paris, where I will be for long enough that I would starve if I tried to stay in my apartment without communicating in French. Oh, French people. Je suis désolé that my French is so terrible.

But! Maybe you’ve been to France. Have you? Tell me where I should go to test my sub-par linguistic skills.

Merci. Je suis tellement faim.

*Photo from Oh Happy Day where Jordan has the Paris Scoop.

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Jul 2 2013

Don’t Judge

What. It was the only place to put my cava while I was in the bath.

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Jun 27 2013

Lost in a Paper Bag

Last night, I spent several minutes trying to break into the apartment downstairs from mine.

The doors are identical, and they have the same apartment number painted above the door. I fiddled with my keys for 10 minutes, but when I began some exploratory shoulder throws into the stuck door a young man opened it. He looked very composed for someone who had clearly just retrieved his clothes from the floor.

Startled, I peered past him into Not My Apartment.

Are you upstairs?, he asked in Spanish.
Yes, I said. Possibly. Apologies.

I really should keep a bottle of wine in the apartment.

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Jun 24 2013

Barcelona! Barthelona!

I’m heading to Barcelona soon, where I will eat all the Manchego in the country. It’s a bit of an unexpected trip — my ex and I arranged to do a kid handoff mid trip so both of us get to see Europe with Hank without spending as much on tickets.

If you’ve visited or lived in Barcelona, I’d love to hear what you’d recommend. Hank will be with me part of the time, but I’ll have time on my own too. If you have favorite restaurants, things to eat, things to do, or general advice, I’m all ears.

Photo source

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Jun 19 2013

Sketch Tuesdays in San Francisco

Last night, Tess suggested we go to Sketch Tuesdays, a monthly event at 111 Minna, so we could draw while we caught up over cocktails. I’d never heard of it, but it was so much fun.

They have a central table set up for featured local artists, and when one of the finishes a piece, they tack it to the wall with a price sticker on it. The art is super reasonably priced — our night it was anywhere from $1-$25 per piece.

Everyone else sits wherever with their sketchbooks. I haven’t drawn ever really, but I figured out a workaround.

Go do this. Fun.

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Jun 6 2013

Go Travel: See Brooklyn Like A Local

see brooklyn like a local

I’m spending some time in New York this summer, specifically Brooklyn, so Elizabeth Stark of Brooklyn Supper offered some tips on how to See Brooklyn Like A Local.

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