Dec 16 2013

Life List: Try a Snow Egg at Quay? Check.

Lunch with a view of the Sydney Opera House is some James Bond shit, you guys.

Our Lunch at Quay on Go Mighty


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Dec 12 2013

20 Unique Hats from Australia’s Melbourne Cup

Attend Australia’s Melbourne Cup horse race in a hat by an Aussie designer? Check.

Tourism Australia asked me to choose six Life List goals to accomplish while we were there for Go Mighty’s Go Australia trips, and they suggested I attend the Melbourne Cup. I was told it was like the Kentucky Derby writ large.

That was an understatement. Imagine the Super Bowl falling on the Fourth of July, but everyone is dressed for church on Easter Sunday, and drinking like it’s St. Patrick’s Day. In other words, it’s a hell of a time.

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Nov 19 2013

Little Pitchers

Did you know Disneyland makes light-up Mickey ears and glowing balloons that interact with their light show? Here are what Hank’s looked like during the World of Color. Such a cool idea, eh?

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Sep 24 2013



On my way home from XOXO Fest, and I’m typing this from a Motel 6 where I did not even consider using this novelty condom. Awaiting a knock at the door from the guy with my Offical Grown-Up Certificate.

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Sep 18 2013

Hey. Want To Go To Australia?

I fell for Australia on a business trip in 2005, “Australia! They have giant rats that carry their babies around in tummy pouches. Aussies! Very similar to Americans, except more in touch with their mortality due to the myriad poisonous things surrounding them.

I remember that trip vividly, lazy breakfasts at Bills, feeding kangaroos, fruit tasting with a guy named Digby (Digby? I mean, come on. Central casting was in on that one). Also, they have trees that sting there! They call them Stinging Trees! Apt, Australia. Apt.

Anyway, one of the poignant things about travel is how you come to love a place, knowing you’ll likely never get to see it again. Because you should probably save up for health insurance and maybe pay your taxes or whatever.

So I’m feeling giddy right now, because…

A Bunch of Us Are Going to Australia

Go Mighty has been working for months with Tourism Australia and Air New Zealand to find ways to encourage folks to visit Australia. In the coming weeks ten people, including me, will travel there to cross off Life List goals and meet some of our favorite Aussie bloggers. (Hi, Pip!)

But! What about you? What if you want to ride a kangaroo while a didgeridoo sounds in the distance?

You Should Come Too

If you’d like a chance to win your own trip, because you’re canny like that, make a list of all the things you’d like to do and see in Australia — swimming with the fishes in the Great Barrier Reef, learning to butcher at Victor Churchill, touring Melbourne in a hot air balloon at sunrise, investigating whether Australian toilets really do flush backward.

Then tag your aspirational-Aussie goals #goaustralia on your Go Mighty profile. On November 1, Go Mighty will select one community member to travel with a friend to Australia. This is merit based, so do it up right by uploading fun photos with your goals, writing stories around why you want to do particular things, and setting goals that say something about who you are. Shine bright like a diamond, and so forth.

Let’s Fill a Plane on the Cheap

If Australia is on your list, but you’d like to visit with your whole family, or an entire small town, here’s how to get $200 off of each ticket:

If 332 of us promise to visit Australia in 2014, enough to fill an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300 aircraft, it will trigger a $200-off discount code. Like a Groupon, but for koala hugging. Head to Go Mighty and click on Fill-A-Plane for all the info.

Come! We shall cuddle wallabies, barbecue in the middle of December, lasso crocodiles and have them pull our rowboats, then be reported missing on the evening news. Just like real Aussies.

Aussie slang prints by Droops Store.

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Sep 2 2013

It Never Rains in Seattle


I’m in Seattle. The coffee is really good here, and so is the weather. “It rains alllll the time! All of us are sad!

Please. I’m on to you, Washington.

I’m here for Bumbershoot, which is a music festival, and PAX, which is a gamer expo. The latter is a particular delight. Last night we were passing through a hotel lobby, and a group of attendees were getting up to leave. The front desk lady yelled, “WAIT! One of you forgot this,” and held aloft a giant inflatable sword. The group looked around confused, until one of them realized he was about to leave unarmed and ran over to claim it.


On the way out of dinner,  Jessie overheard a guy say, “Actually, she was originally a unicorn…” He was wearing a tail.

I like it here very much. Everyone should move to Seattle forthwith to enjoy the weather, coffee, and cosplay. Together we can drive up property values and begin to publicly complain about the weather, because you can’t possibly imagine how bad it is until you live here. No, really.

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Aug 8 2013

Go Travel: 10 Things To Do in Seattle, and Roooooad Trip

The last time I was in Seattle, I spent a lot of time in the company of bearded men. I’m driving back soon for Bumbershoot and PAX, so when Ella Dorband offered to put together her favorite stops for Go Mighty, we took her up on it.

10 Places You Should Visit in Seattle

Though I’ve been a few times, I still feel like a relative Seattle novice. So if you have any other Seattle musts, or anywhere you think I should stop along the way up the coast, please let me know in comments.

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