Mighty Life List
Dec 29 2009

Elsewhere: Resolutions, Photography, Gadgets

Three things you should go watch and read:


A quick New Year’s resolution video I did over at Lifescoop. It being January, I hope everyone is prepared for the Internet goal-talk explosion, because I’m obviously planning to engage heavily.


I did a roundup of photography stuff I either own or want: 6 Unique Tools for Better Photos (also at Lifescoop).


Cool Wireless Gadgets over at WePC. I’m surprised at how much I want a charging mat that revitalizes gadgets without all the ugly wires. Locating, untangling, and arranging cords for the various life-enhancing gadgets I own just sounds exhausting. I’m always gobsmacked by people who have everything in a neat little charging station or whatever. Maybe I should stop listing neat little charging stations on my various shopping sites, and instead actually purchase one. It is January after all.

Aug 25 2009

Can You Watch This?


For those of us who still leave our laptops in the care of strangers at the coffee shop when we need to use the restroom, my most recent WePC post is a roundup of anti-theft devices for your computer.

My favorite is inexpensive homing software that lets you disable a stolen computer remotely until the police can track it down. There’s also a pricey electric briefcase that envoltifies would-be thieves, but I’m pretty sure your name ends up on some government list if you buy one. Sort of like checking out Mein Kampf at the library, or muttering under your breath about Dick Cheney.

Who I’ve heard is a very nice man, by the way.

Aug 4 2009

Top 5 USB Toys and More

Two more WePC posts that I forgot to tell you about:

USB Battery Charger

1. Top Five Genuinely Useful USB Gadgets, in which we discuss whether you really need a George Foreman USB iGrill.

2. What’s in Store, which is more about how much I need a foolproof backup system to protect me from myself.

Do you have any USB toys that you use all the time? Or more ideas about smart stuff to store online in the event of an emergency? Let me know.

Aug 3 2009

If I Were in Charge

There’s a new post up for the WePC campaign. This one is about my dream docking station. It has shockingly little to do with Fleet Week, which is strange because “more sailors” is always on the wish list, am I right ladies?


Please go read it.

Jun 10 2009

Computers Should be More Like Bicycles

Photo from Mission Bicycle Company.

I forgot to tell you about my latest post for WePC. This one is about my work at a mortuary, and the awesome custom bike shop downstairs. Please go look. Thank you.

May 22 2009

Lego Laptop

Here’s my latest post for WePC, it’s about keeping laptops out of landfills. Even if you’re not into computers, please scroll down to the final diagram I drew, because it is funny.

Thank you.

May 15 2009

Who me? Just reading a magazine.

Have you ever seen one of those book safes that’s hollow inside so you can hide important stuff? I want a travel laptop small enough to hide inside a magazine:

That’s part of my latest post for the WePC campaign, which is as much about laptop security as portability. This is because people are fond of stealing my shit.

Please go read, and tell me what you think. Am I being paranoid? I’m hoping I’m not the only one who feels anxious using expensive equipment in public — especially in a foreign country where your laptop may be equal to, say, the average annual salary.