Mighty Life List
Jun 12 2009


Things I have recently wondered about life and death because of Josh Allen:

-If my non-cremated body were shot into space, would it rot? If so, how much would a NASA-patch shroud slow the decomposition rate? If not, what are the mathematical odds my body would be discovered by alien life forms? Pretty slim, I’d think.

-Actually, I bet people use Power Point at funerals at lot.

-It seems like Purell would kill sperm, right? Someone has tried that out by now.

-Why do magicians dress like Dracula?

May 20 2009


Brian & Eileen’s Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

The best wedding video on record, via the carefree Cup of Jo. Brian and Eileen, we salute you.

Apr 29 2009


How to Make a Baby

(via the very fun Swiss Miss)

The Beckoning of Lovely

(via the always inspiring Superhero Journal)

Apr 21 2009

We are Writing Graffiti on Our Bodies

Artist Ariana Page Russell has a condition called Dermatographia, which means she can temporarily, and painlessly, alter the surface of her skin by scratching it lightly. She illustrates herself, and then photographs the results.

(via Peculiar Beauty)