Mighty Life List
May 15 2009

@Maggie on PBS MediaShift

If you follow me on Twitter (or read my tweets in the left sidebar), you already know I recorded an episode of PBS’s MediaShift a few days ago. The above video is an excerpt of the full show, which is called Twitter Mania, Will it Change the World? Go have a look.

May 11 2009

Momversation: Birth Plans

For those of you who haven’t given birth, birth plans are these instructional sheets you give your hospital team to let them know what kind of delivery you want. I didn’t have one written out, because I tried to remain in denial about labor while I was pregnant, which totally worked for me.

Nancy O’Dell guest stars on this one, because Momversation has guest stars now. Weird, right? I know! Today Momversation, tomorrow America’s Next Top Model. You guys should come over, we’ll practice our walks.

May 4 2009

Momversation: Everybody Panic

A video about the Swine Flu, wherein Heather advocates putting your mouth on the handle of your shopping cart, and I recommend vacationing during a SARs outbreak.

Apr 30 2009

Momversation: Teaching Kids Independence

We’ve decided we’ll let him watch TV with a bowl of candy until he’s ten, and then just send him to military school.

Apr 29 2009


How to Make a Baby

(via the very fun Swiss Miss)

The Beckoning of Lovely

(via the always inspiring Superhero Journal)

Mar 19 2009

She & Him, You Really Got a Hold On Me

I love this song, and this particular performance makes me feel so calm. Take a minute to listen; it will be nice.

via Design is Mine

Mar 9 2009

Little Traveler

This could easily be a flashback scene from the Royal Tenenbaums.