Mighty Life List
Jul 29 2009

Modern Indignities

Are you F*cking Kidding Me, (The Facebook Song) by Kate Miller-Heidke is very, very good. I would like you to put on your headphones so your boss doesn’t hear, and watch all the way to the end. It gets better and better as it goes along, the last line being the entire point of the song.

Via Sarah Brown, who is always right about these things.

Jul 16 2009

Five Favorite Books

I’m a little late posting this Momversation about finding time to read. Shortly after Hank was born, I realized that reading is my meditation. I get mean if I don’t get book time.

If you’d like to see more books I recommend, have a look at my Eight Books that Changed Things for Me post. The comments on that post are great too. If you haven’t yet, list your favorites here. I’m always looking for good reads.

Jul 8 2009

Who Gets Michael Jackson’s Kids?

Where should the kids go? It is perhaps none of my business. What I can say for sure is I’m sorry, and I wish them well.

Jun 15 2009

Do you own a gun?

Diapers and guns, do they belong in the same house? I have to say, I really love chatting with this particular mix of women. Everyone is so sane about how they present their arguments.

Jun 9 2009

Momversation: Working Moms

I am in this one, despite my absence in the little intro.

All this blogging is making my fingers so tired.

Jun 1 2009

Which parent has the better deal?

HI! I am very caffeinated in this video. Wow.

Also, adoptive moms don’t get maternity leave? Even if you adopt a newborn? That’s crap.

May 20 2009


Brian & Eileen’s Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

The best wedding video on record, via the carefree Cup of Jo. Brian and Eileen, we salute you.