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Jan 15 2013

I Love You, Nerd Valentine: Top 10 Valentines for Geeks

You threw an awkward glance his way because his glasses were cute. He thinks your neck smells like you might be a compatible genetic match. You enjoy Mythbusters, he enjoys Mythbusters. And while Valentine’s Day is ultimately a commercial construct, you’re not above engaging ironically if it means getting laid later.

1. Dr. Who Valentine

2. Space Invader Valentine

3. Pride and Prejudice Valentine

4. Princess Leia Valentine

5. Legend of Zelda Valentine

6. Periodic Table Valentine

7. Eye Chart Valentine

8. Genetic Predisposition Drosophilia Valentine

9. Buckminster Fuller Valentine

10. I Love You With All My Brain Valentine

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Jan 9 2013

You’re Out of this World, Valentine

Don’t you wish someone would make this heart-shaped crater on Mars into a letterpress Valentine, so you could send it to all your nerd friends? I know.

Jan 18 2010

Matchbox Valentines


Sweet Valentine idea from Inchmark, who made tiny candy boxes out of matchbooks last year. Hello, little Valentines. You are the cutest.