Mighty Life List
Aug 20 2010

You Think You’re Such a Hotshot

Say, why don’t you apply for Hey, Hotshot!, 20×200’s photo competition? The deadline is 8 p.m. Sunday, and didn’t I see something like this on your Life List? You were meant to do this.

The photo above is Jacks by Katie Baum, a previous Hey Hotshot winner, and it’s currently available in four convenient sizes.

Apr 27 2010

Ron Stoner

These photos are from Surfer Magazine’s bio about photography legend Ron Stoner.

Stoner disappeared at the height of his fame, but just look at what he left behind.

Apr 13 2010

My Lifescooop: 5 Cool, Easy Ways to Display Snapshots

You have 15,000 photos on your hard drive and nothing on your walls. Here are a few clever ways to display snapshots quickly and change them out often. Go ahead and hit print.

Dec 29 2009

Elsewhere: Resolutions, Photography, Gadgets

Three things you should go watch and read:


A quick New Year’s resolution video I did over at Lifescoop. It being January, I hope everyone is prepared for the Internet goal-talk explosion, because I’m obviously planning to engage heavily.


I did a roundup of photography stuff I either own or want: 6 Unique Tools for Better Photos (also at Lifescoop).


Cool Wireless Gadgets over at WePC. I’m surprised at how much I want a charging mat that revitalizes gadgets without all the ugly wires. Locating, untangling, and arranging cords for the various life-enhancing gadgets I own just sounds exhausting. I’m always gobsmacked by people who have everything in a neat little charging station or whatever. Maybe I should stop listing neat little charging stations on my various shopping sites, and instead actually purchase one. It is January after all.

Nov 12 2009

Camera Bag Roundup


I’m looking for a small camera bag, so I did a camera bag roundup for Intel’s Lifescoop site. The brand above was made with scrapbookers in mind, and it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a camera bag that looks like a purse. Why aren’t there more of those? I feel like such a yutz when I dress up for dinner and then have to carry a nylon sack along.

Anyway, with a great deal of help from Twitter friends, I found some useful, attractive options, so go have a look.