Mighty Life List
Sep 10 2010

Happy Vientetresañera, Natalie!

The night before we left for Dublin, we celebrated Natalie’s twenty-third birthday. She went all out with a quinceañera theme.

It was so genius I could only shake my head in wonder, and wish I’d thought of it myself. Plus, there are advantages to having your fifteenth birthday when you’re twenty-three.

Happy birthday, Natalie.

You’re a woman now.

(More photos over here.)

Aug 16 2010

Natalie’s Life List: Hotdog from a Cart in NYC

Natalie’s Life List included a visit to a hotdog stand in New York, so we stopped at the one outside Muji. It’s possible we should have been more particular, because the hotdogs were $7 each, and fairly terrible. Still, we felt accomplished.