Mighty Life List
Oct 10 2012

Endorsement: The Five Year Engagement

Have you seen The Five Year Engagement already? If not, please rent it so very much. It made me laugh and feel feelings.

I’m on the hunt for good movies, because I don’t see trailers on TV anymore and I still haven’t shaken that thing where you stop going to movies once you have a kid. (What is that?) Anyway, if you’ve seen anything good lately, spill.

Jun 9 2009

Beer. They have good beer there.

“You’ve never even been to Prague.”
“Ohhh, I’ve been to Prague…
…Okay, I haven’t been-to-Prague been to Prague, but I know that thing. I know that stop shaving your armpits, read the Unbearable Lightness of Being, fall in love with a sculptor, now I realize how bad American coffee is thing.”

May 7 2009

The Power of Words, and Continuity

From an interview with Argentine director Lucrecia Martel in Bomb Magazine:

“It doesn’t matter how real or true the facts are; the issue is how something that somebody says is transformed into something that will change the world… I can say something—it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not—but your reaction and the emotion it generates within you are real. It happens a lot in lovers’ quarrels, where people say things that they probably don’t even mean, but once stated, they are reacted to as if they are true. It is actually the person being spoken to who gives these words their power.”

“In Salta, repeating the lives of others is a goal. Establishing continuity gives security and prestige: the doctor who has a son who is a doctor, and who uses his father’s office.”