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May 7 2013

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Grandma. You don’t have to sneak sips of dad’s bourbon. We know you’ve never liked white wine.

Hermes Le 4 Mond Bridge Playing Cards

Silhouette Mug

Precious Charms Necklace

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Apr 25 2013

Homemade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

“Mama? How come you don’t wear my macaroni necklace to your meeting?”

Because, baby. Because I am a monster.

Parents treasure handmade gifts, but there are only so many times you can hide the macaroni necklace in the glove compartment before you forget to put it back on when you get home. And then the inevitable reckoning. Where is the necklace? I… got hungry.

Mom and Grandma would love handmade gifts for Mother’s Day, but maybe not another pinto-bean brooch. As long as you’re helping your kid make something, here are some sentimental homemade and/or custom options that she doesn’t have to wear in front of the board.


Do a slight twist on this birthday surprise, by attaching an individual photo of each kid for every year of his or her life.

Ask your kids to number them and on the back of the photo. Or have them write a happy memory of their mom or grandma. Also works as a cool display option for handmade favor coupons.


Apr 15 2013

Mother’s Day Card Roundup

Why is Mother’s Day stuff so fugly? It’s all purple cursive eye smack, and floral bunny soul crush. Here are a few Mother’s Day card options that won’t embarrass you, or make your mother worry that she didn’t do enough to shape your taste level.

Mom, You Rock letterpress card by A Favorite Design


Apr 27 2010

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May 5 2009

Mighty Goods: Mother’s Day Gifts!

2009 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mom’s Day is Sunday, y’all. I have a bunch of great picks up on Mighty Goods, but order soon, or no milk and cookies for you after school.

Apr 29 2008

Heirloom Baby Shower Gifts

I love commemorative gifts for births and weddings that are meant to be passed down through generations. That’s what we had in mind with the Heirloom Baby Shower Gift Guide on Mighty Junior. It’s full of lovely, significant gifts that will stand the test of time. Go have a look.

Also, we’re just starting to post ideas for Mother’s Day gifts (May 11), and the guide on that will be finished next week.