Mighty Life List
Feb 26 2010

Doctors or Parents: Who Do You Trust More?

Feb 19 2010

Momversation: Favorite Gadgets

Feb 8 2010

Momversation: When Someone Else’s Kid is Hurt on Your Watch


Jan 29 2010

Momversation: What’s the Rush?


I love to do videos with Rebecca, she’s so baffled by people’s craziness.

Jan 22 2010

Momversation: Mighty Lists


At last, a Momversation about Mighty Lists. Have you made yours yet? Please do, my friend. It’s good for your life.

Dec 30 2009

Momversation: Co-Parenting, Santa, Holidays, Memories

I’m no longer embedding these suckers because they started auto-launching and it makes me homicidal. (Also, I’m worried those of you at work will be chastened for reading the Internet when you should be sweating for the man.) So I’ll put screencaps here now, and if you want to watch you can click over. Deal? Deal!

I’m behind on updating these, so you have options:


Holiday Greetings from Momversation in which I get all Merry on you. Also, did anyone else notice that Giyen’s daughter is a jaw-dropping knockout? Yeah. Go check that out.


Santa Claus: What do you say to your kids? in which I advocate lying to the children. Take that, children.


Memories of Momversation where we revisit the handcuffs incident. Did I ever tell you that we once recorded a MILF episode that never aired due to raciness? Truth. And yet here I am again with the handcuffs and wig. Though they did edit out the pole dance.


Co-Parent: Did you pick the right mate? in which I reiterate my dictums for choosing a spouse. It’s all about the Benjamins. Am I right ladies?

Dec 11 2009

Momversation: Potty Training

Baby Potty Training: When Is the Right Time?

My child is not yet potty trained, so feel free to ignore me completely in this video.