Mighty Life List
Aug 18 2010

Chocolate and Champagne Wednesday!

I’m back in New York for the Intel Insiders Summit, so this morning I had chocolate and champagne in Central Park with Zan.

Here’s to waking up with the light, breakfast in the park, and recovering from what ails you.

What are you toasting today?

Jun 16 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday!

Cheers to sharp pencils, silver shoes, and burritos in the Mission.

What are you toasting today?

May 26 2010

Mighty Life List Update

I added a few more items to my life list:

  • Start a fire without a match (inspired by Jessica Eiden Smedley).
  • Learn ten new lullabies.
  • Live in a converted barn with an ocean view.
  • Hike the Inca Trail.
  • Spend the night in a treehouse.
  • See a space shuttle launch (inspired by Karen.)
  • Swim with a whale (inspired by Evany).