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Feb 12 2010

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organize your office

Organize Your Office

Where’s your social security card again? Oh yeah, in the desk drawer with your old Coffee Shop Loyalty cards and the misspelled business cards you ordered two years ago. So that’s not optimal.

Once you create a place for everything, you can put everything in its place. Until then, you’ll have no idea where to find a pen.

Jan 26 2010

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Ski Lodge Chic

Ski Lodge Chic

Warm fire, hot cocoa, and company. There’s a reason everyone likes to hang out at the lodge.

Dec 21 2009

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Dec 11 2009

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2010 Calendar Roundup

2010 Calendar Guide for Luddites

Look, maybe you want to store your calendar in the Cloud so you can
sync it with your phone. I want to hang my calendar on the wall so I
can gaze at the neat little boxes and do some plotting with a fresh
pen. We’re different that way.

Oct 13 2009

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Tea Towel Roundup

When I did that Etsy tea towel roundup for JC Penney last year I surprised by how many cute, affordable options there were, so I thought I’d highlight a few more.

Aug 18 2009

Twitter as it Relates to This Internet Website


Hello. Do you know I’m on Twitter? If not, you should follow me here. I am not noisy.

Also, if you use Twitter to keep up with your favorite sites, and you’d like to know when I’ve posted here, on Mighty Goods, or elsewhere, you should follow me here too.

The first account is mostly for original content and the occasional post of which I am very proud (I’ve sent you my clippings, Mrs. Tenenbaum!), the second is an automatic feed I just set up to update when I’ve posted.

In conclusion, follow me, my friends. I will not lead you astray.

Feb 3 2009

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