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Mar 24 2010

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Easter Baskets for Grownups

The Easter bunny was always so good to you as a child, he would never abandon you just because you got taller.

Mar 5 2010

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Shape Up Roundup

Your New Year’s resolve to work out more is beginning to wan. Motivate yourself with some cute new workout gear, and maybe a doughnut.

Feb 12 2010

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vday gifts 2010

Gifts for Your Valentine

Last Valentine’s Day, you wore black and ordered in. This year you’re in love, which means you’ll need a token of affection. But how “token” are we talking? And more importantly, is it too soon for lingerie?

vday flower 2010

Valentine’s Day Flowers Roundup

Hey look! Flowers you can order online, and they’re not ugly. Thanks, Internet.

Feb 4 2010

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Goods Valentine cards 2010

Letterpress Valentine Cards

Getting a Valentine in the mail is just lovely, don’t you think? Me too. Plus, you were too overwhelmed to send out holiday cards. If you don’t send Valentines, how will everyone know you finally got that tattoo?

Rainboot Roundup 2010

Rain Boot Roundup

Look out puddles, here comes trouble.

Kids Valentines 2010

Valentine’s Day with Your Sweethearts

You’re officially in love, and Cupid had nothing to do with it. This Valentine’s Day, stuff their faces with chocolate, and cover their faces with kisses.

Jan 12 2010

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cozy up guide

The Cozy Up Guide

Winter! The one season where you have absolutely zero guilt about snuggling in with a good book for 17 hours or so. When there’s a blizzard outside, you can be absolutely sure that no one in town is having more fun than you and your dominoes.

Dec 22 2009

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stocking stuffers 09

Stocking Stuffers

You make Santa look good, my friend.

Dec 10 2009

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Budget Gifts for Under $30

You’re rich in company, but not so much otherwise. Our picks under $30 for the generous soul on a limited budget.