Mighty Life List
Jan 2 2009

Wardrobe Remix

These are my pink superhero boots, which go with nothing. Nothing, I tell you! But do you see how they make me feel? They make me feel like copping a sexy attitude while posing alone in my living room. So imagine how good they’d be if I were dancing on a bar, my friends.

On a side note, this outfit was $32, if you don’t count the shoes. If you do count the shoes, it was $112. I am a shopping genius.

Anyway, what are you up to? Let’s go dance on a bar.

Jan 25 2008

Red Coat

There’s a photo of me up at Fashioni.st, my friend Mai’s San Francisco street fashion blog. That coat is one of my newest wardrobe infatuations, I never take it off. Also, it was fifteen bucks. Woot!

Nov 3 2007


Mai took a photo of me for Fashion.st Holy holy, those pants make me look wide, but I can’t resist their swishiness. Also, that belt was $2 at Thrift Town. Awww yeah.

May 23 2006

The Goods

Zipper Flats

Originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

OK, pretend you’re at my house. And then I’m all, “Hey! Do you want to see the super-sweet stuff I got in Argentina?” And you’re all, “Yeah!

And then we braid each other’s hair! Unless you’re a guy. In which case, I totally love guys like you.

Apr 16 2001

I bought leather pants this weekend, and they’re fabulous. They make me want to pose instead of standing still. They make me want to take up chain smoking. They make me want to pout out angry lyrics and crawl catlike toward a video camera while underage models writhe seductively in the soft-focus background. Man, nothing screams rock star like wrapping your legs in dead cow.

2:28 p.m.