Mighty Life List
Oct 23 2009

Links for You


-Bill and Jane from My Parents Were Awesome

-Thoughts on thank you notes. (via Swiss Miss)

-Jason Kottke’s take on the FCC ruling for bloggers –see the footnotes for the post — are exactly what I’ve been thinking. (And congrats to True Ventures and Jen Bekman! Smashing.)

– Designer Erin Jang’s very sweet subway map made according to the interests of her three-year-old nephew. What a lovely gift. I originally thought Jason made this, but it turns out he just found it, and so.. (via Kottke)

Sep 25 2009

Yes to This

This isn’t the kayak video, it just made me happy this morning. (via @matthewbaldwin and @judith).

Aug 7 2009

Orating With Little or No Preparation

(via Laura)

Jun 22 2009

Let’s Panic about Babies

Alice and Eden just launched a new project they’ve been working on for a while, Let’s Panic About Babies!

“You are hardly alone. If your friends and family aren’t in your house, pointing out every hapless decision you’re making, there are hundreds of strangers on the sidewalk with placards who are more than willing to leap into the fray. And for those times when you are utterly alone, you always have us, dear reader! We may not actually be physically present, but we’re right here in this web site, laughing at you—but quietly, so you can’t hear. That’s how much we want you to perceive that we care.”

Congratulations, ladies! It’s high time we had somewhere we could panic as a community.

Jun 12 2009


Things I have recently wondered about life and death because of Josh Allen:

-If my non-cremated body were shot into space, would it rot? If so, how much would a NASA-patch shroud slow the decomposition rate? If not, what are the mathematical odds my body would be discovered by alien life forms? Pretty slim, I’d think.

-Actually, I bet people use Power Point at funerals at lot.

-It seems like Purell would kill sperm, right? Someone has tried that out by now.

-Why do magicians dress like Dracula?

Apr 21 2009

We are Writing Graffiti on Our Bodies

Artist Ariana Page Russell has a condition called Dermatographia, which means she can temporarily, and painlessly, alter the surface of her skin by scratching it lightly. She illustrates herself, and then photographs the results.

(via Peculiar Beauty)

Mar 19 2009

She & Him, You Really Got a Hold On Me

I love this song, and this particular performance makes me feel so calm. Take a minute to listen; it will be nice.

via Design is Mine