Mighty Life List
Feb 27 2013

Three Solid Reasons to Like People

1. Emma Stone Dance Dare

2. BMW Designs 42-Wheel, 19-Engine Dream Car for 4-Year-Old Boy

3. High school basketball player passes ball to mentally challenged player on the other team.

Feb 19 2013

Project: You Are My Wild

Photo by Ryan Marshall

You Are My Wild is a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children.

Photo by Shelby Brakken

Remember when the Web was just projects like this?

Photo by Anje Bridge

Is there a project that made you happy recently? Tell us in comments.

Sep 5 2012


Glass Hermit Crab Shell
Photo by Frank Greenaway

If you have an aquarium, now you can order the glass hermit crab shells you’ve been seeing everywhere online.

Invisible bike helmets function like airbags. (via Swiss Miss)

Have you seen anything lately that you can’t stop thinking about?

Oct 8 2010


I can’t stop thinking about Nina Simone’s list to herself.

Fascinating chart of the Mariana trench, the lowest elevation on earth.

Paper clothes by Bea Sezenfeld.

A video interview with me over at Devries PR.

The flying toddler photo at the top of this post is winning.

Sep 30 2010

San Francisco in the Fog

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

Hello, lover.

Apr 12 2010

Before I Die I Want to… Project

The Before I Die I Want to… Project collects polaroids of people as they state their wish, then asks them to write it down and send it in.

If you’d like to participate by sending in photos, you’ll find detailed information here.

(Thanks, Karen. You always send the best stuff my way.)

Nov 13 2009

Language Links

(Wood Type Collage #E by Green Chair Press)

How Interpretation Works at the United Nations

“U.N. interpreters don’t need to know every official language. Rather, the U.N. hires interpreters who can translate into their native language from at least two other languages. A Russian interpreter, for example, might also know English and French. But he might not know Chinese. In that case, if the speaker is Chinese, the interpreters will use what’s called a “relay system.” The interpreters in the Chinese booth will translate the original speech into English or French, and the rest of the interpreters will translate that version into their own languages.”

The Infinite Jest Vocabulary Glossary (via @beksandro):

Anechoic (an·e·cho·ic) — Neither having nor producing echoes.

Regarding “Hell for Leather”:

“Hell for leather, in American vernacular, refers to an arduous walk that may have been strewn with difficulties and was a strain on footwear.”

The nicest things anyone has ever said to Antonia:

“I wish you were my mum.”