Mighty Life List
Jul 20 2010

Taste 1,000 Fruits: 90. Jamaican Apple 91. Guinep 92. Breadfruit 93. Jamaican Almond

Our schedule in Jamaica was so packed I wasn’t able to make it to a fruit market, but I still added a few new ones to my list.

Jamaican Apples are delicious. They’re crisp like conventional North American apples, but have a much lighter texture — like a less-dense Asian pear.

The best ones are deep red with skin that gives a bit when you press it. They’re thirst quenching, and they’d make an excellent palate cleanser.

You can eat the whole thing except the pit, which is pretty large. I had something very similar in Costa Rica when I was 15. Ticos call them Manzanas de Agua, or water apples, and the ones I had were pale pink with no pit to speak of — it was neat to have that memory flood back when I bit into the Jamaican Apple.

These are Guineps, which I’d tried in Puerto Rico recently, but couldn’t figure out the name. They taste like citrusy peaches. There were a few Puerto Rican natives on trip who called them Quenepas.

You smash or bite the outer shell, which cracks open to reveal a jelly-like fruit inside with a large pit. You suck the fruit away from the pit, and the texture is a little like slimy algae. Much of the fruit pulp will stay on the pit. I’d love to freeze a bunch and use them as ice cubes in a tropical drink. So pretty.

I didn’t get a shot of the entire Breadfruit because they served it roasted as part of our meal at Scotchies. Roasted breadfruit tastes a lot like a potato, with a creamier texture more like a yam. It’s good with salt and butter.

This is O’Neil from the Jamaican Dogsled Team crew (more on that later). He’s one of my new favorite people. While we waited for our dogsled ride, he pointed out a huge pile of fly-covered, horse-gnawed Jamaican almonds.

They’d fallen from a tree on the property, and he shook each one until he found one that rattled, which is an indication that the almond is ripe.

Then he cut away the hull by using a rock to hit the back of his knife, and offered us each a taste. It tasted like almond, with a hint of horse saliva.

Jun 15 2010

Taste 1,000 Fruits: Apriums

Apriums are a cross between an apricot and a plum developed in the 1980s. They’re like apricots with the slightly more dense flesh of a plum. Yum.

I think they’d be amazing frozen and blended in a cocktail.

Jun 3 2010

The Big Eat: Secret Breakfast Ice Cream

Meg and Rahul had us over for dinner last night, and we had Humphry Slocombe’s Secret Breakfast Ice Cream for dessert. It’s bourbon with cornflakes, and yes. Yes to that.

As of last night, I’ve tasted 24 things on 7×7’s Big Eat list, and I recommend doing this if you live in the area. I’m learning so much about food.

Apr 3 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Goods & Mighty Haus

Easter Bonnet Update

One Easter bonnet please. No frills.

Easter Brunch at Your Haus

Your family reunions are a competitive sport, and it’s your turn to host. No problem, a few touches of spring, one or two essentials, and you win.

Aug 28 2009

You guys were right


Dear Greek Yogurt,

You smell great. Have I told you that? Man, you smell great. Whoa. I think I might still be a little tipsy from last night.

Anyway, let’s be straight. It’s not like the girls haven’t told me about you. I mean, you’ve been around, and I’m not an idiot. The bass player, the bartender, the Greek Yogurt, your exploits have become cliché.

So let’s not pretend here, Greek Yogurt. I know you’re all about waking up with a girl every morning (as long as she’s in Greece), and then dropping off the face of the earth the minute her plane lands back home. And whatever, it’s none of my business. I’m on vacation, and here you are.

And here I am.

Why don’t you throw an arm around me, and we’ll hit the beach? You are so soft. Seriously, what is that? It’s unreal.


I’m in Greece because Intel is sponsoring my Mighty Life List. I’m bringing them back some yogurt.

Jun 3 2009

Fun Thing

, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

I invested in an heirloom tomato.

May 1 2009

Fun Thing for Saturday: Cheese Whizzes

Cheese Whizzes is a project of Helen Jane’s. She and her friend Natalie host regular cheese and wine nights with a crew of local foodies. These are photos from last weekend, when we drove to St. Helena to join in.