Mighty Life List
Aug 11 2008

Young and Foolish on Flickr

The last of my forays into the Flickr “stupid” tag. Though, in all honesty, we could go on like this for weeks.

Diving into a pile of wet garbage.

Stretching out beneath the icicles.

Leaping over the crotch-high pole.

Getting that tattoo.

Pissing off the PTA. (The comments on this are golden.)

Skateboard on a slide.

Shirtless paintball.

Belly flopping into a kiddie pool.

Aug 6 2008

8 Youths Who Require Closer Supervision, on Flickr

Most of these photo stunts involve fire or bikes and, in one notable instance, both. Kids! I’m surprised any of us survived.

8. Jumping from the top of a waterfall. With shoes on?

7. Photographing an alligator from a few feet away.

6. Jumping fire on your bike.

5. Riding your bike on old roller coaster tracks. (This one is incredible to me. Anyone know if this is photoshopped or something? Update: Indeed it is. Thanks Jenn!)

4. Binding your pal’s hands and feet with shoelaces and then pushing him into the water. Back story is below the photo and other photos in the stream tell more.

3. Making a flame thrower for your dorm room.

2. Biking in swift currents.

1. Pouring petrol on your back and lighting it.

Tune in tomorrow for some slightly more harmless lapses in judgement.

Aug 5 2008

The Top Ten Stupidest Ideas on Flickr

Did I spend several hours perusing photos tagged “stupid” on Flickr? I did. And I did it for you, my friends. Here’s the payoff for all that arduous clicking while I watched Tivo.

The Top Ten Stupidest Ideas on Flickr

10. Standing over a body of freezing water on a hunk of thin ice.

9. Nude photo shoot at the base of a waterfall, over which logs frequently crash.

8. Using a wet/dry vacuum on exhaust mode to stoke a fire.

7. Lighting fireworks on your head or standing over the pretty, pretty lights.

6. Playing guitar while driving.

5. Sweeping snow off an icy roof.

4. Breathing fire… in your kitchen.

3. Rigging an extension cord to float in the pool. (So halfwitted that I almost assume it’s a joke.)

2. Ignoring crossing warnings at the train tracks.

1. Leaping from cliff to cliff, in flip-flops, with one arm full of camera equipment. (Update: Snopes says the photo has been cropped to seem more dramatic.)

Pretty spectacular, no? And lest you think this is all the stupidity the Internet has to offer, tune in tomorrow for the “kids do the darndest things” version of this list.

Aug 1 2008

Three Unfortunate Ideas

Jul 25 2008

Blogher Photos

Some of my photos from Blogher, unfortunately technical difficulties ate the rest. I feel better about my missing Kirtsy party photos because their photo booth photographer got so many great shots. The best stuff from other people’s albums is here in my favorites file on Flickr.

Jul 22 2008

House Call

Have you ever wondered what our apartment looks like? Have you ever wondered what it looks like when I’ve spent a few days obsessively mopping and dusting with Q-tips, because I know the Internet is about to see it? Well then, head on over to Apartment Therapy San Francisco and have a look. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder where we put all the toys.

Between the Mighty Haus launch, the launch party, moderating a panel at Blogher, and attending the conference, I have lots and lots to tell you. It’s been a good week.

Jun 27 2008

Fun Thing for Yesterday

Yellow, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

I made a sunny necklace, and it is adorable. Hello! Hello, little necklace.

In college, I worked at a bead store, where I logged many hours with a pair of tweezers organizing mixed up beads. You’re bored just hearing about that, aren’t you? Wrong! Sorting beads is crazy satisfying. Like cleaning out your purse, or painting your toenails. When you’re done, that one little corner of the universe is perfect again. Then you can take a nap.