Mighty Life List
Aug 9 2012

Mighty Thirst: The ABC

Mighty Thirst: The ABC | Mighty Girl

This morning pick-me-up is named in honor of Miss Anna Beth Chao, who made vats of cold brewed coffee while she was visiting from Louisiana. My house smelled glorious. I suddenly wanted a little coffee in everything — I briefly considered bathing in it. This was our compromise.


• 1 shot Disaronno
• 1 shot almond milk
• Louisiana Cold Brewed Coffee to taste
• Crushed ice

I’m headed to Outside Lands this weekend. Here’s to dancing on the grass, gourmet food trucks, and Mr. Stevie Wonder. What are you toasting this week?

And if you’re still thirsty:
Sassy Lassi
The Vacation
Avocado Bourbon Shake

Sep 15 2010

Whiskey at a pub in Ireland? Check.

Have whiskey at a pub in Ireland? Check. Lifelist

It’s the best when a life list item kind of falls in your lap, especially one like this. We went to Doheny and Nesbitt’s on recommendation from an Irish friend. As the name suggests, it was as cinematically Irish as a pub gets — by which I mean very drunk. The women on the barstools next to us had just completed some sort of endurance swim, and they were on the group-singing cocktail. I didn’t realize I knew the song until they got to the chorus. Then we joined in, swinging our whiskeys around singing “cockels and mussels, alive, alive, o!” Fantastic.

The Mighty Summit is this weekend, and it’s all about life lists, so I’m committing to crossing five more things off in the next three months. This is a great place to start. Dublin, thanks for making us feel so at home.

Will you join me? What can you cross off in the next three months?

Sep 1 2010

Farewell, Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday

After nearly four months of weekly celebration, I’ve learned I enjoy champagne and chocolate more when I’m not enjoying them on a schedule. I’m more attuned now to marking celebratory events, and generally more thankful, so this will be the last regularly scheduled Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday. But! I’ll still let you know when I have something worth toasting, and I hope you’ll let me know too.

Here’s to cold bubbly in heat wave, knowing when to quit, Elephant’s Heart Plums, and body rolls.

What are you toasting today?

Aug 18 2010

Chocolate and Champagne Wednesday!

I’m back in New York for the Intel Insiders Summit, so this morning I had chocolate and champagne in Central Park with Zan.

Here’s to waking up with the light, breakfast in the park, and recovering from what ails you.

What are you toasting today?

Jul 21 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday!

Here’s to the comfy new coffee shop with the hippy barista, the dutty wine, and Natalie coming to New York!

What are you toasting today?

Jul 6 2010

Drunk! With Maggie and Laura

In which we show you how to make Mango Margaritas that will leave you wondering where you left your pants.

Jun 16 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday!

Cheers to sharp pencils, silver shoes, and burritos in the Mission.

What are you toasting today?