Mighty Life List
Jun 23 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesdays

Last week someone said they wanted more photos of the chocolate. These are peanut butter pearls and burnt caramel almonds from Recchuiti’s Dragee Sampler.

Here’s to college newspaper staffs, toy airplanes, weather to match your mood, and fortitude.

What are you toasting today?

Jun 16 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday!

Cheers to sharp pencils, silver shoes, and burritos in the Mission.

What are you toasting today?

Jun 2 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesdays!

Today we’re having mimosas to celebrate our new intern, Natalie Smith. Hooray for Natalie!

Natalie is toasting a satisfying report card, a summer job, and Mojo, the Great Dane who is her very favorite neighborhood dog.

The whole team is toasting lucky pennies, speedy recoveries, and getting our shit together.

What are you toasting today?

May 26 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday

Libby and I took a mini-roadtrip up to the cabin with Hank this week, so we woke up in the woods this morning. Cheers to rain dripping from the Redwoods, laziness over showering, and Hank calling out the color of each M&M before he eats it.

What are you toasting this week?

May 19 2010

Chocolate and Champagne Wednesdays

Hello there, Wednesday. You look so pretty.

This week, Libby and I are toasting neon nail polish, New York City, and feeling satisfied. What are you toasting this week?

May 5 2010

Institute Champagne and Chocolate Wednesdays? Check.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get around to this. So many wasted Wednesdays.

Karen and Amber have been so accomplish-y lately, I was feeling inspired. What’s been making you happy?