Mighty Life List
Apr 14 2010


Me: We should really do more outdoorsy stuff, spend more time outside. It’s good for us.
Bryan: That’s why I picked a bar with a skylight.

Mar 26 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mason

It’s Bryan’s birthday today, so I’m posting an attractive photo of him on my Internet website. I sure do love that guy.

Sep 12 2002


Me: Where are we going?

Him: We’re going for a toast.

Me: Where?

Him: Up here.

Drives into a dark little park at the top of a hill. Man in bushes crouches down as we enter the lot.

Me: Did you see that guy?

Him: What?

Me: That guy who hid when we drove in.

Him: Nope.

Me: He’s right back there.

Him: Huh. Let’s go.

Me: I’m not getting out of the car, there’s a psycho hiding in the bushes.

Him: Come on!

Me: No way! He’s seriously lying in wait for someone to rape.

Him: Let’s go!

Me: No!

Him: Come on. It’ll be fine.

Me: Do you have a pocketknife or anything?

(He closes the car door and heads out. I open the glove compartment and search for a weapon.)

And that’s why I had a pair of scissors in my pocket when he proposed.