Mighty Life List
Dec 21 2007


I just wrote a Gift Subscriptions guide for The Morning News that could help out if you’re still searching for gifts. While you’re there, I had a couple of tips in the Hangover Cures feature as well.

Apr 26 2007

Mighty Dads

My awesome cousin Matthew is the father of twin toddlers. Adorable, bitable, squishy twin toddlers that will run you into the ground with their cuteness. If I were him, I’d be napping and/or sobbing softly in my free time, but instead he maintains two very frequently updated blogs.

Anyway, he asked me to do a guest post about fatherhood for his group site, The Blogfathers, and I was all, “Um. Matt? You know I’m a girl, right?” Conversation ensued that cleared up years of misunderstandings and shadowy family secrets, but in the end he wanted me to post anyway. Go see.

Oct 27 2006

Ipod Etiquette

The first installment of my Thoughtful User Guide is up at The Morning News. It’s on iPod etiquette:

“Yes, we know you like music. We can see that it moves you. This is because you’re always moving—bopping your head, dancing, drumming, even singing along. Please, stop it. Otherwise, we’re forced to feign interest in your childlike enthusiasm for a song we can’t even hear. It’s exhausting.”

Sep 20 2006

Mum in Training

I have a brief piece up at Alpha Mom, go read it! Here’s how it starts:

I haven’t even given birth yet, and already I’m a bad mother. We’re clearing out my beloved, light-dappled office to make room for a nursery, and I’m feeling a little blue. We remove my small desk with its floating drawers and woody scent, my dome lamp with the pink shade that makes everything rosy in the evenings, and my Japanese porcelain tea set. Dear, quiet little office how I loved thee… Read the rest.

Mar 10 2005


I just wrote Building a Library with Shelves Full of Memories for The Times. Please go read it.

Feb 28 2005


Results are in for The Morning News Tournament of books! You can read my review of An Unfinished Season by Ward Just and The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danticat. The last round came down to Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell versus The Plot Against America by Philip Roth.

Last week was so hectic that I forgot to link to my latest At Auction piece for the Times, “Cocktail Sets the Rat Pack Would Love” it appeared in the Circuits section last Thursday.

Jan 20 2005


I did another At Auction piece for the New York Times, “Warm Cookies Baked for Cold, Hard Cash.” Please go read it.