Mighty Life List
Jun 16 2015

Justina Blakeney is Juicy

Do you read The Jungalow? Justina Blakeney is a nice person to have bouncing around in your head.

In particular her recent citrus styling piece was so playful. It reminds me of a time in my kidhood when I just took whatever I had around to make pretty things.

I need the Internet to bring me more oranges on sticks.

Jun 15 2015

Life List: Fill a Room With Balloons!

For years I’ve been looking for a reason to fill a room with balloons, and we finally did it to celebrate Hank’s first day of summer. His best friend Clark came over, and Hank knew something was up immediately when we didn’t let them just run into his room.

We said there was a surprise in there, and I asked if I could take a photo. Clark reluctantly complied with my request for a fist bump.

They opened the door.

And responded with screamies, and happies, and laughter.

It was so rewarding. Parenting! I momentarily forgot the throbbing in my raw balloon-tying fingers.

The boys spent the next couple of hours thwapping each other with balloons and then we went for ice cream.

Afterward there were balloons everywhere. Brad loved it.

I kid. Brad kept trying to pop balloons covertly so he would stop stubbing his toes on things. The nerve. You can’t sweep away celebration Brad, you can’t tidy joy.

But eventually I admitted that balloons spontaneously combusting in the night wasn’t the best situation with a newborn. So Hank laid down on his bed and cut the ends off hundreds balloons so he could watch them fly around the room.

Summer is such a damn delight.

There’s a video over on Go Mighty if you’d like to see their reaction. It’s nice to check something off my Life List again.

Jun 15 2015

Vintage Salt Lake City Postcard

This vintage post card of Salt Lake City, Utah has a tiny pouch of sand from the Great Salt Lake attached. Neat, huh? I’d never seen anything like that before.

Jun 12 2015

Christoph Niemann’s Sunday Sketches

These Christoph Niemann Sunday Sketches are charming. (via Kottke)


Jun 12 2015

Popin’ Cookin’! Japanese Molecular Candy

Photo from Jeni Eats, she has a full review here.

Over drinks the other night, some friends were reminiscing about these Japanese candy powders that you mix to form different textures. I’d never heard of them, but apparently one powder makes sushi rice, another the seaweed, etcetera, so you can roll sushi candies.

You can buy Japanese Molecular Candies online to make tiny sushi, cakes, donuts, and most importantly pizzas. Tiny candy pizzas!

Have you tried these? I ordered some to play with.

Jun 11 2015

Kids and Vegetarianism

This video is pretty touching. Do any of you relate to this kid too? I remember finding meat so upsetting in childhood that I would have trouble finishing meals. His mom’s response feels so evolved compared to the response I got, which was more like, “Eat it.”

Jun 11 2015

Balloon Animal Sculptures

Check out these balloon sculptures by Masayoshi Matsumoto. Until moments ago, I was feeling so advanced for upgrading my skills from “snake” to “wiener dog.”