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Aug 25 2015

Mexican Embroidered Dress

How bonkers is the embroidery on this vintage Mexican Dress? Covet.

Aug 24 2015

Portal Companion Cube Backpack

This year Hank wanted a Portal backpack, but I wanted something cute that wouldn’t fall apart in the first month. Our solution:

It’s a Fjallraven Kanken Daypack with a Companion Cube patch from Etsy. The hope is that I can swap out patches as he develops new interests, we’ll see how it holds up.

Today was Hank’s first day of third grade!

He’s growing up pretty good.

Aug 20 2015

Hank Expresses a Preference: Mexican Snack Cakes

Exterior like an unusually dry and dense Fig Newton, surrounding a strawberry-colored fruit(?) paste.

Did not meet expectations.

Thin layer of chocolate and cake around a sweet, creamy center.

He asked if he could eat the whole thing, which of course. Cultural experience.

A slightly tired stroopwafel, but sandwiching four times the usual amount of caramel, drizzled in chocolate.

Well now we’re potentially ruining dinner.

Dry sponge cake with a thin layer of orange paste and another layer of chocolate on top.

I don’t think he was into it.

Aug 19 2015


I went boating with my college boyfriend and his family my sophomore year. I still remember how he looked emerging from the water, grinning, with this piece of wood in his hand.

“Keep this forever,” he said.

His mom gasped. “Don’t saddle her with that!”

She really got me.

Aug 19 2015

Hank Expresses a Preference, Mexican Candies

Banana bubble gum with surprise banana-syrup center.

Not a fan of surprises.

A chocolate bar.

Yum! Wait. Weird aftertaste.

Tasty, slightly powdery, peanut-based marzipan.

Hank feels angry at this candy.

Crispy cereal bits coated in “chocolate.”

Kranky? More like amiable. Right you guys?

Dense, vaguely fruit-flavored gum drops stick to your teeth, while hot spicy powder lingers at the top of your throat.

Hard pass.

M&Ms meet Andes Mints.


A condensed Kool-Aid powder gel, rolled in citric acid cake sprinkles, heightened with a thunderclap of high-fructose corn syrup.

A brief pause to consider the intensity of flavor.
Interest bordering on panic.
Hank expresses a strong preference for the diabetic stylings of Moritas!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow Hank expresses preferences for Mexican snack cakes.

Aug 18 2015

Where to Eat in Sayulita, Mexico

We just got back from Sayulita, which is a small surfing town about an hour outside Puerto Vallarta. The town is tiny, the commercial district is only a few blocks square, but it’s oriented around tourism so there are lots of food options.

We were traveling with Ozzy (4 months) and Hank (8 years), so the places listed here are great for kids too if you have a family in tow. These were a few of our favorite things to eat and places to be.

Paletas from Waikika
Ave Revolucion, 63732

Paletas are ice pops made from fresh fruit, strawberry was my favorite. They’re like a heartier popsicle, and about half of them are made with cream as well. We went during the sweltering off season, and I could have had one of these for every meal.

A Bucket of Beers at Capitan Cook
Las Gaviotas Beach

An umbrella and beach chairs waiting for you with a bucket of beers in ice. My blood pressure drops just remembering it. The blue umbrellas at Capitan Cook were our go-to beachside camp on the main beach.

There were lots of vacationing families with kids here, so it was easier for Hank to make friends playing in the water where we could see him. The tacos, asada, and guacamole were fresh, there was always a chair for the baby to nap on, and Hank gives a thumbs up to the virgin Piña Coladas.

Sunset at Don Pedros
Calle Marlin 2, Centro

Don Pedros is an upscale restaurant overlooking the beach. It’s pricey for Sayulita, but the view is lovely, plus they have a great bar, a good selection of fish and veggies, and pizza if you have kids. Good way to treat yourself and ease into town if you’ve just landed after a long flight.

Handmade Pasta at Il Vizietto
Avenida Palmar | Next to Camping Junto del Rio

Ah, Mexico. Renown for its pasta.

We wouldn’t ordinarily try an Italian restaurant in Mexico, but we walked by this charming open-air restaurant every day on our way into town. The swing seats proved too much to resist.

Il Vizietto starts serving dinner at eight, and the setting is so romantic. The waiter pours you a cocktail while you watch the fireflies, and then you head up to the kitchen window. The owner shows you the three types of pasta he made for the evening and you pick one. The pasta is amazing, and the salad was good too. So if you get tired of tacos, Il Vizietto has a bar-side swing waiting.

La Rustica
Avenida Revolución 40C

La Rustica is a cute place with great coffee, in case you’ve been zombie-ing around in search. They’re known for their wood-fired pizzas, but we liked their breakfast. Chilaquiles were my favorite, but they also have good fancy pancakes, and the environment is calm.

Tacos and Margaritas from Yeikame
Calle Jose Mariscal # 10

Yeikame is an unassuming cafe with sidewalk tables, but it was my favorite place to eat in town. Great traditional Mexican food at reasonable prices. Everything on the menu is satisfying, and they have a wide selection of fresh juices and frescas.

While you’re there, try one of Yeikame’s Margaritas. It’ll take things down a few notches, and you’ve got no place to be.

If you’re looking for more suggestions, these articles were super helpful:

Where to Eat in Sayulita, Part One: Mexican Food
Where to Eat in Sayulita Part Two: Non-Mexican Food

Have so much fun.

Aug 17 2015

Let’s Do Something Good: Vaccinations

This post is inspired by Shot@Life, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation dedicated to using vaccines as a cost-effective way to save children’s lives in developing countries.

Hi guys, I need your help. This post is part of an online relay through the United Nation’s Shot at Life program. The goal is to get vaccines for kids who wouldn’t otherwise get them. For the month of August:

One Comment, One Share, or One Like = One Vaccine

By literally pushing some buttons we can protect kids against measles, pneumonia, diarrhea, and polio. During Shot@Life’s Blogust, several bloggers have been helping to secure sponsor donations. I’ve also been asked to share a quote that inspires me, so I decided on one that reminds me of you guys:

With your help, I’d like us to secure 1,000 vaccines. This feels like a reach, so will you help? Any one of these simple actions equals a vaccine:

– Leave a comment on this post about a good deed someone has done for you. Can you comment twice? Yes, yes you can.
Mr. T Baby on Instagram, click the heart.
Facebook, like, comment, or share.
Pinterest, repin the quote or heart it.
Twitter Jedi Baby!, Fave, reply, or RT, the latter being the gold star.
– Your megaphone: If you use the hastag #blogust or include @shotatlife to spread the word on any of your social accounts, each of those actions counts towards a vaccine too. (If you do that, please cc me in whatever medium so I can say thanks. You are my people.)

The push of a button potentially saves a life. We live in the future, my friends. Shot@Life hopes to generate funds for 50,000 vaccines, and there’s a counter on the site that currently reads 37,902. Let’s move that needle. As it were.

Thanks so much you guys. You are kind ones.


Wow. Thank you guys so much! Here and across social networks, we triggered over 1,000 donated vaccinations in a single day. Wow! Thank you, sweet people. You are pretty great.

There are more Blogust posts from friends over at The Spohrs are Multiplying, Petite Elefant, Justice Fergie Moma’s Gone City, Whiskey in My Sippy Cup, My Brown Baby, Cool Mom Picks, and Mom it Forward. We have until August 31. Thanks again.