Mighty Life List
Feb 8 2015

Today’s Fun Thing: Heading North


I found a great last-minute hotel deal, so we drove up Highway 1 for a weekend away.


Last night the rain on the roof was so loud it woke us, but tonight it dried up enough to have French fries on our mini-balcony.


Then we ordered more French fries to eat in front of the fireplace while we watch the Grammys. Gwen Stefani continues to outpace.

Feb 7 2015

Today’s Fun Thing: Teddy Bear Toast


Hank woke up while it was still dark outside, so I made him hot cocoa and a teddy bear toast. Then he made one for me.

Feb 6 2015


I started learning to meditate this week, and the book suggested picturing yourself somewhere where you feel calmest. I like to think of this image by Wayne Levin.

Jo Goddard has a great guide to outsourcing your life if you live in a city. I use a handful of these services pretty regularly.

I bought one of these as a new go-to dress for airplane travel.

Did not buy this, but if I saw someone wearing it I’d assume they were my people.

This would be cute for Valentine’s Day in pink, and it’s on sale too.

Simple genius idea for freezing bacon portions.

Whoa! Did you know this happened in 1961? I had no idea. More from this article in The Week.

These are charming.

I’m looking at baby stuff and love this clever wooden magnetized toy.

Necklaces that pay homage to your true loves.

Grapefruit is my favorite booze flavor, and I just read about this grapefruit liquor, have you tried it?

On perfectionism: Artist Pierre Bonnard once convinced his friend Edouard Vuillard to distract a museum guard while he touched up one of his paintings hanging there. Been there, Pierre.

Feb 4 2015

Bite Me, Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide

There are upsides to being single on Valentine’s Day. No bullshit underwear, and you get to pick your own present.

Heartbeats Necklaces, $55

Damn right you like the life you live.

Guest Toothbrush Set, $12

Be prepared.

Morphologically Palo Santo Grounding Aromatic Wood, $20

You burn Palo Santo to clear bad juju, create space for good luck, and invite something new. Say, here comes something new right now. Good thing you have a spare toothbrush.

Bartleby Shirt, $15

You’re not picky, you’re particular.

Olympic Provisions Salami of the Month Club, $145

Delivered to your doorstep 12 times a year. Service.

Ebony Corkscrew, $24

A grown-up corkscrew to go with the very expensive wine you’ll be enjoying tonight.

Cotton Spandex Jersey High-Waist Hot Short, $22

No pants, my friend. No pants alllll day long.

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Feb 3 2015

The First Bad Man by Miranda July

Oof. One of the best imaginations of our generation. Miranda July has a gift for expressing loneliness, and the desperation in searching for connection when your brain seems so singular.

Miranda July, it’s such a comfort that you make things. Thanks.

Excerpts from The First Bad Man:

She gave me a betrayed look, because she’s a working mom, feminism, etc. I gave her the same look back, because I’m a woman in a senior position, she’s taking advantage, feminism, etc. She bowed her head slightly.

Then I realized we all think we might be terrible people. But we only reveal this before we ask someone to love us. It is a kind of undressing.

He cleared his throat, then was silent. Maybe he wouldn’t say anything, which is the worst thing men do.

I flitted around the city, either turning heads or else walking by heads just as they were turning.

Sometimes I looked at her sleeping face, the living flesh of it, and was overwhelmed by how precarious it was to love a living thing. She could die simply from lack of water. It hardly seemed safer than falling in love with a plant.

It won’t make sense until you’ve read the book, but once you have, visit The First Bad Man store, with auction proceeds going to The National Partnership for Women and Families.

Also, old related post: Learning to Love You More, Assignment #9.

Jan 30 2015

Pregnancy Portrait by Michelle Morrison

My friend Michelle Morrison is an artist who specializes in what she calls “Nudie Judies.” I adore them. When she posted the one above, I joked that I wanted her to add a belly so I could say it was me pregnant.

Instead, she drew a pregnancy portrait just for me. I’m an official Nudie Judy!

I’m excited, and also so touched. Thank you, Michelle.

You’ll find more of Michelle’s work for purchase at her portfolio site Michelephant.com. I’m not sure if she takes commissions, but if you’d like to be a Judy too, it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Jan 29 2015

Go Mighty: Citrus and Genetics

A couple of new posts on Go Mighty.

Have a portrait of myself done in the style of a portrait of my grandmother.

Taste 1,000 Fruits