Mighty Life List
Apr 5 2017

I Love You Robot Pins

Remember this video I mentioned a few days ago? I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how happy it made me, so Brad and I made a pin.


The pin also makes me happy. You can get one here, and then we can identify each other in the streets and hug stiffly.

I love you, robots.

Apr 4 2017

Lewie Louise


I just bought a few of these color theory cards, and a pack of watercolor postcards by Lewie Louise, a collaboration between San Francisco artists.


Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.15.46 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.09.01 PM

The postcard quality is exceptional, as is the old timey type on the back. Just what I wanted. You can get some here.

Apr 3 2017

20th Century Women

Have you seen 20th Century Women? It’s a hopeful movie with complex, aspirational female characters. Go see it. I love it so much.

Mar 31 2017

Fridaaaay, Links!


Max Seddon’s photo of a young Russian protestor is like a Renaissance painting.

Related, Pussy Riot, the band imprisoned for giving protest performances in Russia, gives advice for women to defy Putin and Trump: “To persevere, Nadya Tolokonnikova says, it’s important to think in dubious times ‘how I could improve the lives of people around me… it’s only then — when you start to find a solution — that you will feel good again. Even in the darkest times, helping others is power.’”

I love you, robot. Oof.

Are you in the path of the total solar eclipse that happens in August?

Finnish Dish Drying Cabinets let you put your dishes away while they’re still wet. Why aren’t these in every San Francisco apartment?

Bee Gees song “Stayin’ Alive” is the right tempo for administering CPR. As is “I Will Survive.”

Skateboarding on frozen sand.

Correcting misogynistic graffiti is a new hobby we should all adopt.

Liability” from Lorde’s new album.

If I didn’t have inconvenient boobs, I’d order this swimsuit three times.

No-To-Scale imagines Trump’s wall as a 1,954-mile-long dinner table.

Custom Butt Weaving, have one done every year to honor gravity. via Miss Moss

Mar 30 2017

Get Out

It’s afternoon on the Avenues. Outside Trouble Coffee, a bearded young man passes the window in moccasin slippers. His navy-blue robe is unbelted over a clean white undershirt and drawstring pants. He guides a suitcase past Golden Gate Indian Food and Pizza, and as he rounds a corner, the wind pulls his robe hem back toward the beach.

Mar 25 2017

Parody of Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like”

This parody is incredible. They really committed.

Mar 23 2017

3 Fish Studios


I stopped by 3 Fish Studios in San Francisco the other day to see my friends Annie and Eric, and fell for one of Annie’s happy doodles. If you have $25, you can have one too.