Mighty Life List
Feb 6 2014

Van Damme, JT, and Daft Punk Valentine Printables

Designer Brad Ellis of Pacific Helm made some printable Valentines with me. By which I mean Brad did all the work and I said, “Put these funny words on it.” Teamwork! The PDFs are linked below, so you can print your Valentine last-minute when you suddenly realize you’re in love.

Jean Claude Van Damme Valentine PDF

Justin Timberlake Valentine PDF

Daft Punk Valentine PDF

You can see more of Brad’s illustrations right here. Thanks, mister!

Feb 4 2014

Hello, Pretty: Valentine’s Day Lingerie Roundup

He made you dinner and a Valentine. You got him something too.

Commando Tights, $38

Hank Panky Red G-String, $18


Feb 3 2014

Make Travel Size Toiletries with a Heat Sealer

Last week, I showed you what I keep in my purse kit, and a bunch of you asked me about how I managed to seal SPF and makeup inside straws for tiny transport.

Most of the secret lies in owning a heat sealer. I own one by accident for a project I did a couple years ago, but the sucker is so damn handy that I do encourage you to get one. (Here’s a mini heat sealer for $25 on Amazon, or you can get a more versatile one for $10 more.) That’s said, if you don’t feel like buying one, you can apparently do the same thing with a lighter. I would obviously burn myself, so I’ll leave that to the pros.

Here’s how I make my own travel-sized toiletries. (more…)

Jan 30 2014

My Bag Kit, Everyday Essentials

This is my purse kit, and I use it several times a day, especially when I’m traveling. Everything pictured fits in that tiny pencil case on the left, and I move it from bag to bag so I always have a little packet of musts. Here’s what’s in it:

• Tampon, whether I need it or not, because I’m a sister.
• Fugly earphones that have a microphone for calls in the car or Spotify while I’m on a walk.
• Bobby pin
• Safety pin
• Single-serve eye drops, did you even know these existed? Best.
Tide to Go pen, which is some sort of stain-removing witchcraft, highly recommend.
• Eye liner
• Dental floss, both the circular white container and the wand.
Pilot G-TEC-C4 pen, which is smaller and has a much finer pen than my beloved Pilot Precise
• Perfume
• Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, so pepperminty and tingly.
• My two favorite shades of Maybelline Super Stay (Keep Up the Flame and Spice), which never ever comes off in a way that will startle you.
• Homemade teeny packets of SPF and concealer, which I have heat sealed in a straw because I am MacGyver. These make me crazy happy.
• Two bandaids and some fashion tape, which I use for fixing blown hems or holes in clothing, secured with a binder clip.
• Hair band
• Packet of asprin
• Tube of Weleda Skin Food, which I’m always pushing on people because it smells so good and makes your hands velvety.
• The pencil case is by Danica Studio.

All of the things, at your fingertips my friend. So good. Am I the only one who does this?

Jan 29 2014

California Sunday

Have you heard about California Sunday Magazine? It looks to be amazing, and they’re hiring writers and editors right now. The print and online magazine is a project by Doug McGray, “Editor” of the Pop-Up Magazine events, and Chas Edwards, a Co-Founder of Federated Media, and Person I Like Very Much. I am excited.

Also, Federated Media — the ad network that made it possible for me to make a living as a blogger — sold yesterday! It’s one of those making-doing-going weeks. Put your back into it, Internet.

Jan 29 2014

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2014

You’re in love! This calls for a commemorative mug.

Locket Pin or Tie Tack, $17
Wear it on your sleeve.

A DIY Love Card Deck
Read ‘em and weep.

Boom. You Just Got Loved Mug, $19
The mug that says, “I let you sleep in while I made you coffee.”


Jan 27 2014

Red Carpet at the 2014 Grammys, Meh Edition

Did you watch the Grammys? Why did no one wear anything insane or do anything ill-advised? Rock stars are not what they used to be.

I posted some of the more intriguing outfits over on my Facebooks. Please join us if you’d like to discuss:

Taylor Swift and whether she’s running for office.
Katy Perry in her musical-themed pageant dress.
Colbie Caillat and whether she is the absolute best or attempting to hide a neck brace.
Ryan Lewis and Macklemore whose grandpa style continues to dominate.
Madonna and child.
Cyndi Lauper and how you kind of want that poncho dress.
Kacey Musgraves in her dress that looks like a Photoshop filter. And her illuminated boots that will be mine. Bring them to me.

Photo by Getty Images.