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Feb 5 2016

Fridaaaay! Links


Just look at this scratch circle etched in the sand by a piece of grass. via kottke

It’s Black History Month. For weeks, I’ve been thinking about this story of a gift one mother gave her daughter when they were separated by slavery.

Let’s go to the Seven Tea Cup Waterfalls in Patagonia, Argentina. Update: These are actually in California! But apparently are only accessible if you use climbing ropes. Video of a couple guys climbing down the falls.

I bought a quivering hat.

“Two young men died in the Ural mountains as they pulled the pin from a hand grenade to take a selfie, which remained as evidence of the circumstances of their deaths.”
I went kind of deep on the Wikipedia list of selfie-related injuries and deaths.

This pizza phone cover goes with this one that looks a little like very classy weed.

I’m not usually (ever) into nail art, but Glass Nails? Dang.

And speaking of nails, I was rapt for this Cal Sunday article on what it’s like to be a hand model, “Hired Hand.”

Concepcion Picciotto died recently, after keeping a peace vigil by the White House for 30 years. This is one of those “who’s the crazy one, her or society” stories.

Did you see the new Gerber baby? GAH.

Feb 2 2016

Lance Arthur is Famous


I met Lance Arthur in the early days of SxSW Interactive, when it was possible to know or at least recognize everyone who was attending.

He started blogging at Glassdog in 1996, and stopped in 2011. He just finished up a series of personal essays on Medium called Conversations with Myself. I’m still reading all of them, but maybe start with Odd Man Out.

If you weren’t around for the early days of blogging, these essays are just how it felt. If you were, you’ll remember Lance. Hello, mister.

Feb 2 2016

New Cover for Stephen King’s It


This new cover for It is perfection. Also, this version of the book comes in more normal sized type, which made me realize that It is the War and Peace of horror novels. I could hardly hold it in one hand.

Anyway, I got you guys something.

Jan 27 2016

Let’s Talk Orgasms

If you don’t want to talk about sexy things, here is a link to that panda rolling in the snow.

For the rest of you, there has been a recent advancement in sex technology. It’s offensively named, air-through-your-teeth ugly, and expensive like you don’t need to eat. Still, I want to give one to everyone I know, like the world’s creepiest fairy godmother.

Meet The Womanizer.


So beautiful, no? As I mentioned, the designs come in different variations of eye smack, but we all need to get past that. Because, damn.

“The Womanizer” is like a vibrator, but it doesn’t necessarily touch your clitoris. Instead it provides light suction and varying speeds of vibration that combine to make things happen… quickly.

Here’s a more thorough, educated Womanizer review. I just thought you should know this existed. Solidarity.

Jan 26 2016

Sexy Times Gift Guide

He thinks Valentine’s Day is stupid. He thinks it’s a Hallmark holiday perpetuated by gift-shop owners and florists. He thinks if you’re really in love, you’ll naturally celebrate that year round anyway. He… should probably shut up now.


Alayna Zip Chemise, $60


Cotton Solid Thigh-High Socks, $18


Classic Silk Tap Short, $54

Envoutante Bodysuit, $86


Lace Eye Mask, $40


Cle D’Amour Thong, $30


Out From Under Fine Straps Midi Slip Dress, $44

Lace Cuffs, $10

Jan 25 2016

Five Love Languages

Photo from Diem Design.

Have you ever taken the Five Love Languages Quiz? I’ve sent that link to dozens of friends.

The quiz is based on a book of the same name, which says there are five main ways we give and receive love:

1. Words of affirmation, compliments and the like.
2. Tokens of affection, gifts.
3. Acts of service, favors.
4. Quality time together.
5. Physical touch.

The idea is that everyone gives and receives love differently. For example, words of affirmation don’t mean much to me, but it’s easy for me to tell someone what I appreciate about them. Some people don’t care at all about gifts, but get teary-eyed when you clean out the closet for them.

Take the quiz, and tell me what you think. It for sure changed my approach when I have an impulse to do something nice for someone.

P.S. Relationship Hacks

Jan 22 2016

Fridaaay! Links

Have you seen this already? You should watch it again.

Taste test of heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s chocolate that tends to be available last minute. Ahem.

“Show up with and for your friends. You matter, and your presence matters.” (Jessica, 40)
Truth. From Ten Life Lessons to Excel in Your 30s, crowdsourced advice.

These slippers have me covetous.

We should build one of these for the wedding ceremony so afterward we can light it on fire and the guests can take turns jumping through it.

How to use Twitter on your journey to understanding, by @polotek. This is a thing I do, and it works.

I think about this writing advice a lot.

What We Should Care About in 2016 Leaves you a bit more prepared for conversations with smart people about important things.

Life List idea: Hike into this place at night.