Mighty Life List
Apr 7 2016

Can you keep a secret?

Latitude Society Photo: Lydia Laurenson

I’ve been reading up on secret societies and came across the Latitude Society, a San Francisco group that apparently became defunct in 2015. Inductees were given an invitation by a friend or acquaintance, with an envelope request for “absolute discretion.”

The card had a code you could use to schedule an appointment online. Then you showed up at the appointed address, and entered a small room with a slide inside the fireplace.

Photo: Lydia Laurenson

The slide led to a library too small to stand, where inductees first heard this fable, which was reiterated a ritualistic start to group meetings:

Afterward, new members were sent on a sort of scavenger hunt through the city, and given access to invitations, and to online forums where they could arrange to meet with other members.

Magic. Jeff Hull, the society’s creator, is an artist living in Oakland. Costs eventually outstripped revenue and made the project unsustainable, but what a lovely thing while it lasted.

A few articles if you want to know more. Did any of you get to do this?
My Year in San Francisco’s $2 Million Secret Society Startup
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Apr 4 2016

The Best Parent Hacks from the Book


My friend Asha Dornfest runs the site Parent Hacks, and just published the terrific Parent Hacks Book. It’s a quick read, but I learned so, so much, even as a second-time parent. Three of my favorite tips:

#25 After a diaper blowout, take the onesie off top to bottom.


#51 A dry washcloth keeps shampoo out of kids’ eyes.


#119 Use glowsticks as travel nightlights.

Super informative, and a great baby shower gift. Congrats, Asha!

Apr 4 2016

The Techies Project


Helena Price launched the Techies Project today, and I’m among the narratives she collected over there. Some of you might remember Helena from her talk at Camp Mighty or the interview series she did for Go Mighty a while back.

This project explores the technology profession from the perspective of people from underrepresented groups. The interviews are dense, but Tech Insider did an overview that provides some good entry points. I suggest interviews with my friends Margaret Stewart and Michelle Morrison.

Great, great work Helena.

Apr 1 2016

Taylor Swift on a Treadmill

Made me laugh.

Mar 21 2016

Legion of Honor Visit

Resolved! See more art.


We visited the Legion of Honor this weekend with our museum buddy Michelle. It’s one of the most lovely museums in San Francisco, stunning views of the Golden Gate bridge, but it’s way out on the edge of town. I’ve only been maybe twice in 15 years. Some of my favorite pieces:



Love a good side-eye statue.


They had a Pierre Bonnard exhibition going on, and I found The Bath, one of my favorite paintings. I had a postcard of this pinned to the wall of my room through college.


Ozzy wants to walk very much, but is concerned about falling. So he yells to be set down, stands for a minute, then crawls back to you and yells until you pick him up again. We had a good time.

Mar 17 2016

A Perfect Thing


Brad and I are getting married in July, and the wedding dress hunt is a bust so far, possibly because my brain is skipping on the cotton-candy-ripple-cha-cha pictured above.

Christian Siriano is the designer, remember him from Project Runway? I saw this image of it in Darcy Miller‘s Instagram feed and barely refrained from licking my phone screen.

It is impressively, and justifiably, out of my price range. But! The per-wearing cost would bring it well into budget. I could drape myself over a fainting couch every morning and eat breakfast bonbons in my own personal joy cloud.

Mar 16 2016

Balanced App

Hi, this isn’t an ad.

Have you heard of Balanced App? If you’re trying to form a habit, or achieve a goal that requires repetition, try it. It’s simple, and lovely, and I want to kiss its little digital face.


Selling points:

• It does not pressure me to seek Facebook validation every time I floss my teeth.
• It’s easy to input daily, weekly, monthly, and annual habits.
• It does not suggest I meditate whenever I open it.
• It offers simple metrics for each habit, and the overall list.
• It does not auto-Tweet when I lose weight.
• The text does not remind me of someone on cocaine.

But perhaps most importantly, the interface does not make me recoil. Balanced is beautiful, straightforward, and intuitive. You will like it.