Mighty Life List
Sep 2 2016

Fridaaaay! Links


Cai Guo-Qiang’s “explosion events.”

Meditating with Pythons, no thanks.

What it costs to climb Mount Everest.

My Bare Feet” A poem that reminds me of what it feels like to be at home.

I’ve lost a couple hours to this interactive map that features photos of Old San Francisco.

I love this assisted living facility that’s set up to look like a neighborhood.

I can’t believe it’s September and I still haven’t tried f’rose. Stupid march of time.

Sep 1 2016

Incredible Spike Jonze Commercial

Been there, sister.

via Swiss Miss

Aug 31 2016

Summer Punch Plums


I have a new favorite plum. Sound the trumpets!

Summer Punch Plums are incredible, and so sparkly pink boot. Someone craft an artisanal cocktail immediately.

Taste 1,00 Fruits is on my Life List. I’ve tasted more than 100 so far, and if you’re a fruit person too you can see more of them over at Go Mighty.

Aug 30 2016

Infinity Ping Pong Table


The Rio 2016 Olympic Infinity Ping-Pong Table is gorgeous. Designed by Shinichi Sumikawa.

Aug 24 2016

Golden Kiwi


Golden Kiwis are chiller than regular kiwis.

Taste 1,00 Fruits is on my Life List. I’ve tasted more than 100 so far, and you can see my progress over at Go Mighty.

Aug 17 2016

Objects of My Affection

All my for-sale stuff was getting mixed up with all my can’t-buy-it stuff on Pinterest, so I just started a few shopping boards. Rectified.

This is where I’m putting all the lady clothes I love while I wait for everything to go on sale.

This is vintage stuff I find for sale that’s the wrong size, or redonk expensive, or so crazy perfect but I live in a one-bedroom apartment with a spouse and two children and I’m trying to keep the pathways open.

try it, you’ll like it
An almost-never-updated board of things that are perfect. Peeeerrrrrfect. The best of everything for you, my friend.


In other stuff news, I love this super simple grey backpack with charging capability, $200. Good fancy gift.


Aug 12 2016

Judge Furious After Jailers Send Woman to Court with No Pants

Jailers humiliated this black woman by sending her to court with no pants on. She had also been denied feminine hygiene products while in jail for three days. Judge Amber Wolf rightly asks, “Am I in the Twilight Zone?”