Mighty Life List
Feb 21 2014


Mrs. De Florian left her Parisian apartment in her twenties, just before WWII broke out, and never returned. When she died at 91, her heirs unlocked a time capsule. I cannot get enough of abandoned places.

Trying out Gratitude 365 to record all my luckies. Do you keep a gratitude journal?

I want this desk, but where would you hide the cords?

A bunch of great tattoos: My heart in your hands, petals, Atlas, wheat.

This photo of a woman voting is so charming.

I just found out about Tippi Degré. She’s a French girl raised in Namibia, and there’s all sorts of incredible photos of her playing with wild animals. Watch the video at the bottom where a wild leopard playfully bites her shoulder. Amazing.

Feb 19 2014

Esquire’s What I’ve Learned

Photo from Firstlook.org

I’ve always looked forward to Esquire’s What I’ve Learned interviews. Once a year, they come out with an issue that has several of them. The best parts from this year’s:

Keith Olbermann

“Your anger will cool into hardened passionate insight if you wait a day. Most of the things that make me angry, I try to let them sit. The heat that remains will be sufficient. The stuff that evaporates is the stuff that would have simply offended or made it histrionic.”

“Don’t assume that anybody above you actually knows what they’re doing. And if you find somebody who does, stick to them like glue. Because the further you go into our career, the more you will discover to your absolute horror that you are the adult.”

Glenn Greenwald

“Ultimately the reason privacy is so vital is it’s the realm in which we can do all the things that are valuable as human beings. It’s the place that uniquely enables us to explore limits, to test boundaries, to engage in novel and creative ways of thinking and being. Only if we feel free of the kind of judgmental eyes of others are we able to try different things out, to experiment, to evolve, to free ourselves of mores that are imposed on us or conventional orthodoxies about how we’re supposed to behave and think. And that, ultimately, is what is most valuable about being human: to be able to create new ways of thinking and being.”

“Surveillance breeds conformity.”

“There are different ways that kids who are gay take on the rejection and alienation they feel. The way I dealt with it was to say, You know what? You’re imposing judgments on me and condemnations, but I don’t accept them. I’m going to instead turn the light on you and see what your flaws are and impose the same judgmental standards on you.”

“If you’re gonna challenge people in power, you have to be ready to be attacked in effective ways. That’s the nature of power…”

Tina Louise

“You’ve got to get yourself in the proper state of mind to be useful to the universe.”

If you liked this post, I did another What I’ve Learned recap in 2010.

Feb 18 2014

I Miss You, Old Glee

Glee Cast “Push It”

I think this was the first episode. Hold me close, first episode.

Glee “It’s a Man’s World”

Unwed pregnant teens performing an anger ballet. I hope the choreographer lies awake mentally revisiting this glory again and again. (This video starts in Spanish, but switches to the original recording when the music kicks in.)

Glee “Slave 4 U” Ft. John Stamos

Heather Elizabeth Morris in a red pleather catsuit. It seems like an unfair thing to do to other women, and yet my affection remains constant.

What happened? What happened to this impeccable show?

Feb 13 2014

Nom Nom Nom

I made a new Pinterest board, It Wants to Eat Your Young.

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Feb 11 2014

Up Yours, Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide

No one is sending you flowers. No one is coming home with a heart-shaped box of chocolate. But screw it. You know where to get flowers, and you’ve been working out anyway. This Valentine’s Day, you’re taking care of your own damn self.

Hand-engraved F*** Off Heart Locket, $30

Finally, a piece of heart-shaped jewelry you can get behind.

Jersey Sweater Night Onesie, $65

For a short while you’ve got no one to impress but yourself. Let’s do this.

Smudge Trio, $12

What the hell. Couldn’t hurt.

“I’m surrounded by assholes.” French Mug, $12

You’re not alone. You’re particular.

I’m Fine T-Shirt, $22

What? The invitation said “wear red.”

Don’t Care Tote, $12

You’ve got your own stuff, man.

Key Bottle Opener, $12

Your key ring, and your soul, are so much lighter without the extra apartment key. Let’s make better use of that space. Cheers, Valentine.

Feb 10 2014

Psst, Secret App

Have you tried Secret yet? It came out a couple weeks ago, and I am a 13-year-old.

The app is like an intimate PostSecret for your phone, an experiment PostSecret tried and then abandoned back in 2012, because they felt they couldn’t create a bully-free environment. Foreshadowing.

Once you load Secret, it searches your iPhone’s contact list for friends, and then marks secrets as coming from “friends” or “friends of friends.” If you don’t have enough contacts in the system, it fills your feed with popular posts from others, which are marked with the user’s home state.

To keep things private(ish), you can’t see secrets from friends until you have at least three other friends in the system, though I wouldn’t share where you hid the bodies anytime soon. Randomized avatar icons help you understand who’s talking when a comment thread goes conversational.

And about that bullying thing, people are sometimes called out by name in negative contexts, which can make it embarrassing to use the app for the real-live grownups in the crowd. But Secret has been interesting overall, and sometimes a nice way to support friends going through tough moments.

Have you tried it, or its more random cousin Whisper? And if not, what do you think about the whole deal?

Feb 6 2014

Van Damme, JT, and Daft Punk Valentine Printables

Designer Brad Ellis of Pacific Helm made some printable Valentines with me. By which I mean Brad did all the work and I said, “Put these funny words on it.” Teamwork! The PDFs are linked below, so you can print your Valentine last-minute when you suddenly realize you’re in love.

Jean Claude Van Damme Valentine PDF

Justin Timberlake Valentine PDF

Daft Punk Valentine PDF

You can see more of Brad’s illustrations right here. Thanks, mister!