Mighty Life List
Oct 27 2015

Acquisition! Highballs

I’m finishing a morning errand with Ozzy and he falls asleep just as I buckle him in to his car seat. He’s been ticked about car trips lately, so my first thought is, “I could go anywhere!”

We drive to my favorite antique store near Sebastapol. He wakes as we arrive and babbles in his carrier. He tries to sing along with the big band music, which is the best.

He laughs at everyone who stops to talk to him, and the counter ladies pass him around while I buy this set of highballs. Heavy in the hand, five bucks a pop. 
Then we get a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Oct 23 2015

Undermining Yourself

My friend Jocelyn has decided to stop saying “sorry” in situations where she wouldn’t feel relief if someone replied “apology accepted.”

Make a resolution to stop saying, “Sorry…”

Do you do this? Oof. I do this.

via Swissmiss

Oct 22 2015

Advent Calendar Grab Bags


I know Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, but this is just a heads up. I’m making advent calendar grab bags again this year. So you finish glue-gunning your costume together while I stock up on rocket balloons and mini airplane gliders.

Twenty percent of the proceeds will go to a global health charity, I’ll let you know who when I have specifics. Unless there’s unexpectedly bonkers demand, I’m only planning to make a hundred or so, so mark your calendars for Monday November 2 and I’ll meet you back here.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. If you haven’t decided on a costume yet, allow me to suggest sexy ghost.

Oct 21 2015

Arms Up

Thanks for the photo Jenny!

I’m forty years old this morning, typing this while the sun comes up. When they learn I’m turning forty, people mostly ask if I’m okay with it. They have concerned faces because they can see the bony fingers of decrepitude encircling my neck.

Thanks for the photo, Miss Bex!

But I feel happy. Life is on a major upswing right now, and I’m riding this rollercoaster hill to the mothrafrocking top. I can barely even see the flags from here.

P.S. Everyone needs a giant pool flamingo.

Oct 15 2015

United Nations Global Goals


These are the seventeen goals the United Nations has for the world over the next fifteen years.

They fall under three umbrellas:

Ending extreme poverty.
Fighting inequality and injustice.
Fixing climate change.

The first obstacle is to promote the goals until everyone knows they exist, so it will be embarrassing for world leaders to fail to meet them. I am pro this, so I’m telling all of you. The world has goals! Comforting.

You can find more info GlobalGoals.org, and if you want to tell people too, #GlobalGoals is the tag. The organization and efforts already underway are inspiring. Go have a look.

Oct 13 2015

Are You in a Bad Mood?

This will make you feel better.

Oct 5 2015

Missed Connections


Me: Frazzled Mom, carrying a jumble of bags, a kid and baby in tow, buckling the carseat, folding the stroller into the trunk, passing out snacks. You: Eager Brunette, honking ardently as encouragement to leave my parking space at a pace better suited to your schedule.

We made long, meaningful eye contact while I climbed in my seat and loaded a map, again as I queued up a podcast, and several times as I answered some personal email, then drummed my fingers absentmindedly on the steering wheel. Then, so suddenly, you were gone.

Let’s grab drinks, restless stranger. I’d love to hear how the rest of your day went.

Parking lot dandelions street art by Roadsworth.