Mighty Life List
Jun 2 2015

Russian Troll Farms

Have you read this piece in the New York Times about the Russian Troll Factory where hundreds of highly paid employees are paid to spread disinformation and leave pro-Kremlin comments in regular news outlets?

They’re believed to be behind a chemical explosion hoax in Louisiana that partially played out on Twitter:

Hundreds of Twitter accounts were documenting a disaster right down the road. “A powerful explosion heard from miles away happened at a chemical plant in Centerville, Louisiana #ColumbianChemicals,” a man named Jon Merritt tweeted. The #ColumbianChemicals hashtag was full of eyewitness accounts of the horror in Centerville. @AnnRussela shared an image of flames engulfing the plant. @Ksarah12 posted a video of surveillance footage from a local gas station, capturing the flash of the explosion. Others shared a video in which thick black smoke rose in the distance.

Terrifying, and pretty genius.

May 6 2015


I’ve read the first page of this book nine times over the last three weeks. Today I’m going for page 2. 

Apr 21 2015

Pregnancy Update: The Baby!

This is our good, smooshy baby Oslo Boon Ellis.

He is a sweetheart and we love him very much.

He was born last week at around 5 a.m., every finger and every toe accounted for.

He has his brother’s (and his papa’s) good-natured calm, and his mama’s affection for naps.

In other news on the home front, Hank made a rocket ship! A fast one.

As for me, this post will be the only thing I accomplish today that is not is some way related to my boobs.

Apr 10 2015


Whoa. Did you hear the Radio Lab podcast about the Japanese paper balloon bombs? The government used the jet stream winds to successfully propel unpiloted Fu-Go balloon bombs to the U.S. during WWII. When the bombs started detonating, thousands of them, the U.S. government requested that the press keep quiet for national security purposes. And they did.

This sexy legs contest addresses a very specific kind of fetish.

I feel like my grandma would have loved to wear this around the house with her little heeled maribou slippers.

Do you know about right-eye miniatures?

Vintage Dries Van Noten sweater. I have a thing for giant bows lately.

I like to shop for shoes and then not purchase them. Exhibits A-E:
Simple Mules, $130
Lace-Up Full Foot Sandal, $59
Triple Strap Oxford, $135
Wave Slide Sandal, $300
Dries Van Noten canvas wedge on eBay, $200

The Sphaerocoris Annulus is a really good bug.

I’m hoping to give birth this weekend. What are you up to?

Mar 26 2015

Can We Change that Copy?


I repackaged my Insulin needles, because my needle phobia was making me unreasonably pissed at having to inject medication into my pregnant belly.  Pbbbbbt! PBBBBBT on you, stupid injections of dumbness and stupidity.

That said, modern medication (and access to it) is an unparalleled gift. I would be terrified without it. And as I have learned in this pregnancy, irritated is far preferable to terrified. So thanks, science! I will never complain about jet packs again.

C’moooooon healthy little baby.

Mar 21 2015

Diane von Furstenberg

Excerpts from an O Magazine interview with Diane Von Furstenberg:

On what her mother, an Auschwitz survivor, taught her: She taught me never, ever, ever think of yourself as a victim. No matter what.

I surround myself with young people, I don’t feel my age. I mean, I know I am my age, and I don’t try to hide it. But I have a lot of energy, and I’m curious about the world. And in any situation in life, I always say, “Well, how can I help?”

I don’t think it’s nice to think you’re beautiful. You end up counting too much on it. I had to count on my personality. And my legs.

-What are you proudest of?
-My children. And the great relationship I have with me. That is my biggest source of pleasure. I trust myself, I respect myself, I know I am a good girl, I know I can rely on myself. I like my own company. I am funny. I talk to myself and have a good time.

Mar 16 2015

Taste 1,000 Fruits: Gold Nugget Mandarins

I added Gold Nugget Mandarins to my list of fruits over at Go Mighty.

I love it when I can upgrade a fruit I eat on the regular with one that has a similar flavor profile, but tastes much better. Farewell tangerines, hello Gold Nugget Mandarins.