Mar 3 2014

St. Patrick’s Day Flowers

Another cheapie bouquet from the grocery store. I made this awhile ago, but thought it would be pretty for St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re a holiday-decorating type. It’s green button mums, and a weed-type flower whose name I don’t know called Alstromeria or Peruvian Lillies (thanks, Lisa N.!).

I chose them because they’re the same color family, but totally different textures.

First I took all the crazy leaves off the bottoms of these guys.

Then I pulled the mums apart so I could work with arranging individual flowers instead of a stalk with a bunch of different heights.

They look cool together, and I was happy with the result.

Fair warning, both flowers lasted forever and then a weird thing happened. The mums didn’t grow in water, but the weed flowers did, so at the end of the week it was a big ol’ mess. Ah well.

Then I made this tiny guy for my bedside with leftover flowers.


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Feb 23 2014

Penny Peonies, Made from Carnations

Hey look! I made fake peonies from carnations I got at the grocery store. If you miss Spring, or just can’t afford to pay $6-$10 for a single flower, this is a surprisingly satisfying solution.

I actually love carnations just how they are, so I got this big bunch of them at the supermarket for about $12 total.

I made a little work station by cutting off the wrappers and spreading them out. You’ll need floral tape, or masking tape if no one will be inspecting the flowers too closely.

This is how carnations come, so you’ll need to use the scissors to separate them into individual flowers. Once you have a good stack, take the fluffiest one for the center of a “peony,” then add five or six more carnations in a circular pattern around the centerpiece.

Once you have a bunch that’s the right size, pull at individual stems until there are no gaps between the flowers and none are sticking up when you hold them in a tight bunch near the flowers’ heads. Carnations are basically weeds, which means they’re super hardy, so don’t worry too much about bruising them.

From the top, it should look something like this. Once you have the right shape, wrap the stems tightly in floral tape all the way up to the bulbs just below the flowers.

They should look like this.

The amount of flowers I started with will yield you about six Penny Peonies, though half of them will have much shorter stems than the other half.

Whabam! Try this, it’s relatively easy, and will make you feel like a genius. Which, you obviously are.

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Jan 30 2014

My Bag Kit, Everyday Essentials

This is my purse kit, and I use it several times a day, especially when I’m traveling. Everything pictured fits in that tiny pencil case on the left, and I move it from bag to bag so I always have a little packet of musts. Here’s what’s in it:

• Tampon, whether I need it or not, because I’m a sister.
• Fugly earphones that have a microphone for calls in the car or Spotify while I’m on a walk.
• Bobby pin
• Safety pin
• Single-serve eye drops, did you even know these existed? Best.
Tide to Go pen, which is some sort of stain-removing witchcraft, highly recommend.
• Eye liner
• Dental floss, both the circular white container and the wand.
Pilot G-TEC-C4 pen, which is smaller and has a much finer pen than my beloved Pilot Precise
• Perfume
• Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, so pepperminty and tingly.
• My two favorite shades of Maybelline Super Stay (Keep Up the Flame and Spice), which never ever comes off in a way that will startle you.
• Homemade teeny packets of SPF and concealer, which I have heat sealed in a straw because I am MacGyver. These make me crazy happy.
• Two bandaids and some fashion tape, which I use for fixing blown hems or holes in clothing, secured with a binder clip.
• Hair band
• Packet of asprin
• Tube of Weleda Skin Food, which I’m always pushing on people because it smells so good and makes your hands velvety.
• The pencil case is by Danica Studio.

All of the things, at your fingertips my friend. So good. Am I the only one who does this?

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Sep 17 2013

Kickstart This: Makeshift Society, Brooklyn!

The inside of my locker at Makeshift, San Francisco.

Remember a couple years ago when I made the 24 Days Advent Grab Bags with my friend Rena? Well, since then, Rena has founded Makeshift Society, a co-working space and clubhouse for creatives in San Francisco. Now she and my friend Bryan Boyer are starting one in Brooklyn.

If you’re part of the wi-fi workforce in New York, and you’re tired of staggering between coffee shops pining for a free outlet, consider becoming a Makeshift Brooklyn member through this steal of a Kickstarter campaign.

I know the space will be a catalyst — I so admire both Rena and Bryan. In fact, if you’re coming to Camp Mighty they’ll both be there, and I’ll be clinging to them contentedly like a sleepy koala.

This is a good idea, so invest in your careers, entrepreneurs. Brooklyn! Let’s sit down at a table together and get shit done.

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Aug 28 2013

WASP-Off! Theme Party

Labor Day weekend approaches, and with it your last chance to wear Summer whites away from the tennis court. If you’re listening to This American Life as you read this; if you know what your grandfather likes to drink; if you often contemplate the probability that other people think you’ve done something wrong? Consider hosting a WASP-Off!

Last year, I put together a battle royale to prove who among my friends was WASPiest — regardless of religious, political, or regional affiliations.

I asked friends to RSVP with the ways in which they’ve disappointed their parents, and prepped a WASP-off costume/inspiration board on Pinterest.

Attire was lawn-party restrained — argyle, pearls, cardigans, Top Siders without socks, an expression of mild discontent.

We had optional competitions for:

Passive aggressive thank you note reading and/or uncomfortable family Christmas newsletter reading. (Acceptable to prepare entries in advance.)
Keeping a tennis ball aloft with a racket.
Craft table
Sartorial Prowess
Best nametag nickname
Turning compliments into slights

I made the trophies by epoxying egg cups onto sugar bowls and marking them with a Sharpie.

I also bought generic trophies at thrift stores and spray painted them white as decoration.

We technically had a No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper Trophy for the overall winner, and a mock gift certificate for therapy, but I’d had too many Pimm’s Cups, and forgot about them.

The menu:
-Grocery store cake
-Fruit Salad
-Pasta Salad
-Green Salad
-Corn on the cob
-Vegetarian Sausages
-Veggie platter with hummus
-Pimm’s Cups

At the end of the weekend, we formed a secret society, and had a quick bloodletting.

It was just lovely.

More photos on Facebook.

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Jun 4 2013

Three Things Unrelated to One Another

Lovely design of a 271 Sq. Foot Apartment in NYC

John Roderick’s Punk Rock is Bullshit

Bitchy Resting Face

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Mar 12 2013

Bangarang! Pixie Dust Party Invitations

Thanks to Disney Junior for sponsoring this post. They planned a whole Jake and the Never Land Pirates party, so I did my take on the invitations. I also talked like a pirate the whole time I was putting them together. I think you can really tell in the finished product. Have a look in the video below for more ideas. Matey.

Ugh. You guys, I haven’t had nearly enough time with my glue gun lately. There’s so much stuff to encrust, and I’m just sitting here, not covering a single thing with sea glass.

Anyway, I made these mod pixie dust invitations for a grown-up party, but I think they’d be even sweeter for a kid’s birthday.

Fancy invitations make your party so much more difficult to pass up. And making them in front of the TV counts as multitasking.

Man. You could not be more efficient right now.

Here’s what I did:

- Hand-wrote “pixie dust” on some rectangular Avery labels and affixed to the glitter bottles, which come prepackaged like that in adorable corked bottles. Hooray for not having to search for tiny bottles into which you can decant glitter, which you will then find on the cat and between your toes for years to come!

- Folded tissue to fit the boxes and lid interiors of 8″x2 7/8″ matte white necklace boxes, and secured the tissue with double sided tape. (Fit the paper first, apply tape to the box and then secure the paper carefully. If you try to tape the paper, which anyone would, it will wrinkle and tear.)

- Secured the pixie dust in the box with a couple glue dots on the back.

- Punched the decorative hole in a plain bookmark, saved the confetti bitlet for later use.

- Wrote out the party info on the back of the bookmark, and then hot-glued a little ribbon tag at the bottom so the mark would lift out easily.

- Lightly secured just the top of the bookmark to the box with a glue dot.

- Secured the confetti bitlet on the opposite side. (Glue dots are magic!)

So pretty, right? Right.

As you can see, the glitter comes in lots of colors, so you can choose your palette. It think the colorful glitter is better for a kid shindig.

If you want, you can affix a label to the outside and tie with a little ribbon. You can hand-deliver, but the box is sturdy enough to mail in a regular manilla envelope, or you can do a padded one if you’re feeling cautious.

Boom! Best party invites ever.

Here’s where you can get everything:

Martha Stewart Glitter in colors and metallics (search around, you can get almost any color combo you want), Martha Stewart Craft punch (mine is old, but she has a whole line of stuff like what I linked to), Glue dots, plain bookmarks and bookmarks with holes so you don’t have to bust out the glue gun to affix the ribbon, Jewelry boxes. You know where to get ribbons and Avery labels right? I trust your judgement.

And if you just so happen to be planning a whole Jake and the Never Land Pirates theme party (I’m on to you search engine traffic), there are a ton more ideas in this video, so have a look:

You’ll find Jake and the Never Land Pirates every morning on Disney Junior, on the Disney Channel. Wear an eye patch while you watch. Maybe a kicky striped shirt.

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