Mar 5 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Goods

Shape Up Roundup

Your New Year’s resolve to work out more is beginning to wan. Motivate yourself with some cute new workout gear, and maybe a doughnut.

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Feb 17 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Junior

In The Pink

You bought her trucks, encouraged her to play in the mud, used gender-neutral pronouns. She announced that she was a princess and refused to wear anything but pink. Actually, she won’t even eat anything that isn’t pink.

It’s a phase, so why not indulge her a little? Where can you get some miniature pink surgical scrubs?

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Feb 15 2010

1,000 Lovely Things: Sidewalk Chalk Party Favors

For Hank’s third birthday I made these inexpensive sidewalk chalk party favors.

I bought the pretty striped chalk in packs of four at the drugstore, then rolled each piece in waxed paper and just twisted the ends to seal them. Easy, fast and cheap.

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Feb 14 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

(Card by Figments Design.)

Shouldn’t you be having sex with someone right now?

Christian wins comments with: “I always check my bookmarked sites while having sex.”

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Feb 12 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Goods

vday gifts 2010

Gifts for Your Valentine

Last Valentine’s Day, you wore black and ordered in. This year you’re in love, which means you’ll need a token of affection. But how “token” are we talking? And more importantly, is it too soon for lingerie?

vday flower 2010

Valentine’s Day Flowers Roundup

Hey look! Flowers you can order online, and they’re not ugly. Thanks, Internet.

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Feb 12 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Haus

organize your office

Organize Your Office

Where’s your social security card again? Oh yeah, in the desk drawer with your old Coffee Shop Loyalty cards and the misspelled business cards you ordered two years ago. So that’s not optimal.

Once you create a place for everything, you can put everything in its place. Until then, you’ll have no idea where to find a pen.

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Feb 8 2010

Inspired by Doilies

Whatever happened to doilies?


Tiny Flag Banner

They used to be all the rage in old lady decor.


Crocheted Red Valentine Doily or Coaster

Now they just make visits in February.


My Heart Letterpress Greetings

Hello, doilies, it’s nice to see you again.

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