Mar 26 2010

Ask Maggie: DSLR Case for Your Bag

Stephanie had a question about my gadget case roundup. She says:

Do you have something to hold your DSLR camera that you slip into a normal purse? I’m looking for something to protect my Canon xsi with the lens attached that I can use when I don’t want to lug an extra bag around with me. But it’s tough to find! Thanks for your recommendations!

Good question, Stephanie, I can’t believe I didn’t think to include one. Here are a few options:

Cloak Bag, $49

The Cloak Bag is a compact “shoot-through” camera bag that I think would work well to offer a little extra protection in a larger bag, but you can also use it as a stand alone when you’re traveling. The bag strap is actually your camera strap, so you just unzip the bottom and shoot, which means you can go from case to shooting much faster. I don’t own this, but I want it. (via Swiss Miss)

Zing 501-104 SG1 Standard SLR Cover, $19

Here’s a more standard neoprene case, and you can find all sorts of styles online by searching for“dslr neoprene case.” It also comes in black, grey, and plum, and they have a larger one if you want to use a big lens. (FYI, reviews seem to indicate that the color on the bag isn’t photographing well, and it’s a deeper green than it appears.) They also offer an ZING Large Universal that doesn’t look as cool, but might be more functional.

Ephiphanie Bags, $170

My final suggestion is to just use a camera bag as your day bag, which is finally, finally possible. A while ago, I was complaining that there were no attractive camera bags for women. Maile contacted me to say that she’d had the same problem, so she decided to make some. She sent me a one, and it’s fantastic. It’s excellent quality, allows for quick access, and there’s plenty of room in there for your camera, cell, a little clutch with essentials, and even a flash or extra lens. Best of all, you don’t have to wrap a towel around your camera and shove it it your bag when you want to go out to dinner.

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Mar 24 2010

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Easter Baskets for Grownups

The Easter bunny was always so good to you as a child, he would never abandon you just because you got taller.

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Mar 23 2010

Acquisitive Instinct

I spotted this collection of bathtub plugs at an antique shop in Austin and it reminded me of Lisa Congdon’s fantastic A Collection a Day project, which is one of my must reads every day.

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Mar 22 2010

And a Dreamhouse Too

I wasn’t allowed to have Barbies as a kid.

Turns out I still want them.

Jewelry by artist Margaux Lange via @ebertchicago.

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Mar 17 2010

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Spring Party Favors

A few ideas to brighten Spring brunch at your place, or your family’s annual Easter gathering.

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Mar 10 2010

eBay Covet: Tailfeather Dress

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Mar 8 2010

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Growth Chart Roundup

You’ve been measuring your kiddo against the kitchen door. But you live in a rental, and it might be tricky to take that door along with you when you go. Time to invest in a growth chart.

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