Mar 24 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Goods

Easter Baskets for Grownups

The Easter bunny was always so good to you as a child, he would never abandon you just because you got taller.

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Mar 23 2010

Acquisitive Instinct

I spotted this collection of bathtub plugs at an antique shop in Austin and it reminded me of Lisa Congdon’s fantastic A Collection a Day project, which is one of my must reads every day.

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Mar 22 2010

And a Dreamhouse Too

I wasn’t allowed to have Barbies as a kid.

Turns out I still want them.

Jewelry by artist Margaux Lange via @ebertchicago.

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Mar 17 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Haus

Spring Party Favors

A few ideas to brighten Spring brunch at your place, or your family’s annual Easter gathering.

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Mar 10 2010

eBay Covet: Tailfeather Dress

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Mar 8 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Junior

Growth Chart Roundup

You’ve been measuring your kiddo against the kitchen door. But you live in a rental, and it might be tricky to take that door along with you when you go. Time to invest in a growth chart.

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Mar 5 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Goods

Shape Up Roundup

Your New Year’s resolve to work out more is beginning to wan. Motivate yourself with some cute new workout gear, and maybe a doughnut.

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