Apr 17 2014

Campfire Boyfriend Sweater

After an evening by a campfire, I’m reluctant to wash my hair. I want the whole world to smell like a sweater borrowed from an Eagle Scout boyfriend. I am quite serious about it.

I looked years for fragrances to help me achieve this effect. When I found them, I was very excited about finally smelling like me, so I got cagey when blogger friends asked me how I was doing it. You cannot tell the Internet, I said. Because I wanted all the smokey stuff for myself! Mine! The bonfire delicious!

But that was dumb. So! If you want everything you own to smell like a Campfire Boyfriend Sweater too, these are the three things you must own. I have put in the time on this, so trust:

Victory Wolf perfume by OLO, $45

OLO is a Portland-based perfume line created by Heather Sielaff, who is a genius. Almost everything she makes is unique, but Victory Wolf is unlike anything else I’ve smelled. It actually makes me salivate. Taxi drivers, elevator companions, people in checkout lines, strangers stop me everywhere to ask what it is. After I’d just reapplied one day, a guy stopped in front of the patio where I was having tea and shouted, “Someone over there smells amazing!” Aw yeah.

When I first bought it, I asked the woman at the counter about it, and she was similarly agog. “I shouldn’t say this to a customer,” she said, “but when my friend tried it, he said, ‘It makes you want to eat something or f**k something.’” Whoa. And truth.

Palo Santo Wood, $10 for 10-15 sticks

A friend of mine bought this as a gift. “I feel sort of stupid giving you a stick of wood,” she said, “but it reminded me of your perfume.” Palo Santo, or holy wood, works like incense. You light it on fire and wave the smoke around to make everything smell sweet and campfire-y. Here’s a video how to, which contains some aura and healing talk, but the first 30 seconds shows you how it works to just make your house smell good. I keep mine in my bathroom in a pretty ceramic container filled with rice, so the rice definitively snuffs the embers when I’m done waving it around.

(Image via Cool Hunting, which has a more thorough explanation of Palo Santo’s history.)

Woodfire Candle by Illume, $15-$36

Ms. Chao told me about this most recent discovery. If you’re looking for something a little more dinner-party ready than waving a burning stick around, Illume’s Woodfire candle. Woof.

It apparently started as a holiday thing that then gained a cult following. This is what finally made my apartment smell like campfire full time, because the candle smells even when you’re not burning it. Plus, the votive has a pretty etched pattern on it and is nice and heavy. This is a thing for me because I plan to clean the containers out and use them as large lowball glasses for sipping bourbon around the campfire at the cabin. Full circle.

If you’re a smokey perfume person, please overcome your reluctance to share product recs in comments. Love, Maggie.

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Apr 10 2014

How to Build a Creative Brand

Have you heard of Creative Bug? They make beautiful craft classes and video workshops, and their team made that crazy CRUSH yarn wall at our Go Mighty ALT party:

I know lots of you are small business owners, and right now Creative Bug is offering a 5-week course on Building a Creative Brand. It features coursework by Heather Ross and Lisa Congdon, who spoke at the first Camp Mighty, among others.

The class is regularly $175, but you can get it for $125:

Enter the code BRAND
And boom, $50 off.


This post is in partnership with Creativebug, which was built by people I like. Hi, guys.

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Apr 9 2014

True or Falsie

OK, here’s the stuff I bought at the last Alameda Flea Market:

Festive Hat! Festive Hat is my new favorite. My Aussie friend Clarko says the poms are to keep flies off your face. I like them because they make me want to bob my head around to watch them dance. And so I will be adding pom poms to everything I own. And a rick-rack chin strap. Why else do I own a glue gun?

Technically, I bought this cashmere sweater at the last Flea, the one that rained out, but let’s talk about it. You can get cashmere so cheap at the Flea (like $10-$30 per sweater), it almost doesn’t make sense. You never see it at garage sales and thrift stores. Where is the secret baby-soft sweater pipeline? Let’s find out so we can stand naked at the spigot.

I also bought a vintage fencing mask for $25, because I needed it. I’ve been looking for one since I found a vintage fencing uniform a year ago. Now I can be an old-timey fencer for Halloween, because it’s what I want. Until then, it will look pretty cool on a shelf.

I also bought a bunch of pink stuff. This homemade dress fits like it was made for me, and I think it looks like a drum majorette uniform. So now I’m looking for a drum majorette hat. You sense a pattern.

How beautiful is this silk kimono robe? She wanted $60, so I hesitated hard until my girlfriends were like, “You are dumb. If you do not buy it, one of us will buy it to punish you for your dumbitude.” So I asked if she would take $50, and bam. Kimono owner. The sleeves are very good for pretending you are an airplane. I hear.

Silk Barbie tap pants. Three bucks!

Whhhhhaaaaaaat?! Are these handmade falsies we are looking at right now? Did someone sew boobies out of lace and add little ribbon nipples? Yes, I believe so. Found while pawing through the box of $3 silk underthings. After some hard thinking about what in the world I could use them for (bachelorette gift wrapping? wall display? party hats?), I just asked the seller to please take them out and display them. Because it’s not everyday, my friends. No it is not.

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Apr 3 2014

Chairish Has Gorgeous Vintage Stuff and $250 for You

Old stuff! I’m so into it.

As you maybe already noticed, I spend most of my free time at antique shops and flea markets. Nearly all of my furniture is vintage, but I never considered shopping for furniture online because pain in my butt. That is, until Chairish.

Chairish is a curated collection of designer vintage furniture. Making it easy to buy furniture online, and much simpler to sell and ship it, is their thing. Suggested prices are about what you’d pay at the Alameda Flea for furniture made by well-known designers, but they also have a “make an offer” button that lets you interact with the seller (in your pajamas with a glass of wine).

I put together a full collection of my favorite pieces here so go look. Chairish also asked me to put together a couple of dream rooms from their collection, so I went with Boy Meets Girl living spaces — strong silhouettes and feminine lines.

Shop for the pieces above: 1. Handblown Blue Glass Goblet 2. Henri Mathieu Moon Light 3. Soft Grey Chesterfield Sofa 4. Portrait of a Bare Shouldered Woman, Oil Painting by G. Dangman 5. Shagreen Cocktail Table 6. Midcentury Desk with Rear-Facing Bookshelf And below: 7. Mid-Century Jade Velvet Chair 8. Pagoda Plant Stand or Charging Station 9. Color-Pop Ginger Jars 10. Woman with Fan, Oil Painting by Kathryn Jenkins 11. Bachelorette Pink Linen Sofa 12. Deco Brass Floor Lamp

Download their free app if you want to browse their collection on your commute, or submit your own items by uploading a photo and info in about five minutes.

If you’d like a little head start on your decorating budget, enter the Chairish + Mighty Girl Giveaway for a $250 credit on Chairish. Here’s how to win:

1. Visit the giveaway page and enter your email address,
2. Go to the Chairish site or app and find something you want,
3. Leave a comment below with your favorite item.

Then cross your fingers. One winner will be chosen April 17. This is open to U.S. readers only, though this does not diminish my affection for Canadians, and Brits, and Aussies. Don’t you even think it. (Also, pro tip: There’s still time to enter over on Design Mom, and Door Sixteen, so up your odds.)

This post is in partnership with Chairish. I picked all the items on my own, in my pajamas with a glass of wine, and I will take any one of them and put them in my house. Twist my arm.

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Mar 24 2014

Sonia and Mark Whitesnow

Sonia and Mark Whitesnow are Russian artists who work as a duo. Gorgeous.

Update: I deleted the two top images from this post, when friends on Facebook pointed out that they thought the women in the photos were in blackface. I didn’t see it at all until they pointed it out, and now of course I see it immediately. I link to them only to provide a reference point for the conversation. Apologies to those of you who saw the images and found them unsettling.

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Mar 4 2014

Break into Blossom

I collect these kinds of images.

Robert Triscoli

Joshua Hibbert

Needs Source

Photo of Zizi Jeanmarie by Phillip Le Tellier

Needs Source

Lots more on my Break into Blossom board on Pinterest.

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Feb 27 2014

Google Doodles for Good

Today’s Google Doodle celebrating John Steinbeck is perfect.

I looked around for a way to buy these illustrations as prints through the Google Doodles Store on Zazzle and at the Google Store, and couldn’t find anything in either place.

I wonder why Google doesn’t sell these through a print-on-demand service and donate proceeds to a non-profit. It looks like they’re doing something similar with a Google Doodle scholarship program.

Does this already exist? And if not, what are the hurdles to getting that done?

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