Nov 7 2008

It turns out I’m white

After my high-fivin’ tweet, Daniel K reminded me how much white people enjoy their high-fives, and sent along this excellent montage. I could not look away.

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Nov 4 2008

Common Language

Top ten most commonly spoken languages:

1. Mandarin
2. English
3. Hindustani
4. Spanish
5. Russian
6. Arabic
7. Bengali
8. Portuguese
9. Malay-Indonesian
10. French

This article has a breakdown by numbers. According to Wikipedia, there are still 900 Ottoman speakers left, but only 10 people in Russia still speak Ter Sami. Wonder what it sounds like, and what concept they have a word for that no one else does.

More about the Sami language and its dialects on You Tube.

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Oct 23 2008

Me and Louis

A few months back, I was sitting in the coffee shop where I often work, and looked up to see one of my Morning News editors standing in line for the bathroom.

This wouldn’t have been odd, except Rosecrans was living in Paris at the time, and I hadn’t heard anything about him coming to town. My brain kept insisting that it couldn’t be him.

Turns out he was there for a whirlwind work trip, filming an ad campaign for Louis Vuitton. They were trying to capture Francis Ford Coppola’s San Francisco, and I ended up in the campaign.

Because of all the JavaScripty madness, there’s no way to direct link (boo!), but a full five percent of you should be able to reach it by following these painstaking instructions:

Go to Louis Vuitton Journeys
Click “USA”
Click “San Francisco with Francis F. Coppola”
Wait for the street video to stop playing and a mosaic of photos to appear
Mouse over the center photo in the center row until you see text
Click on the center photo that reads “The Mission Now, Bohemia”
Click on the photo of the blue sweater and coffee cup (that’s my sweater)
Mouse over the larger photo of the sweater and hit the play button

That’s all there is to it!

For those of you who aren’t related to me, and therefore won’t have to pretend to have seen this at the next family reunion, it’s enough for you to know that I am shockingly eloquent. I guess you’ll just have to trust me on that.

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Oct 14 2008


If you were next to me when I was reading this week’s The Week, these are the parts I would have read to you out loud:

-Car deaths rise 18 percent on election days in The States. So maybe mail-in ballots this year.

-Ottawa is looking to pass a law that would protect people who apologize from being sued. More apologies for everyone!

-Poland may become the first country to chemically castrate pedophiles.

-A Zimbabwean soccer team took a ritual-cleansing dip in a crocodile-infested river, and one of them didn’t come back out.

-Hooman Majd, who has often translated for Iranian President Mahmud Amadenijad, says Amadenijad never said there are no gay people in Iran. Instead, he said Iran has no openly gay culture.

-Doctors are trying to help Erik Ramsey speak again. Ramsey’s body is completely paralyzed, and doctors have implanted wires in his brain that can read brain signals, which computers can then translate into speech. Rad.

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Oct 9 2008

Living Small

Photo by Heidi Schumann

Our one-bedroom apartment made an appearance in the New York Times today. We’re part of an article on families who are living in smaller spaces in big cities. Go have a look at “Move Up? Move Out? Families Squeeze In”.

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Oct 3 2008


This animation short by PES will make your day a little nicer (via Gabrielle at DesignMom). – Watch more free videos

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Oct 1 2008

Advice from Mom, Part I

Wear the tight dress. You won’t have that body forever.

If there’s a nuclear war, head north. There will be less fallout up there.

Don’t tell contractors what to do, it pisses them off. Ask them. And bring beer.

If you’re lost in the woods, follow a stream downstream and you’ll find houses.

The more they process the food, the more you have to pay. Buy the whole chicken.

If a bear attacks, curl into a ball to protect your internal organs.

If someone needs money enough to beg for it, give them a dollar.

If you boil willow bark and drink the tea, it’s like taking asprin.

You should iron that.

If something big stabs you, leave it in until you can get to the hospital.

Put a little lipstick on, Margaret.

You need to learn to shoot a handgun.

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