Jan 29 2009

Also Fanta Posse Sounds Vaguely Erotic

The Fanta Girls Are My Hip-Hop Posse
Say I’m too busy working on my streetwear line to find a posse. Enter the Fantanas, a pre-cast set of hot multi-ethnic chicks, ready to follow me around to parties. They’re never too exhausted to dance on the bar in my stead, and I’m pretty sure they never need to be fed or use the bathroom. That being the case, you may wonder why I wouldn’t call on the arguably more talented and media-savvy Pussycat Dolls. But I think someone is forgetting about the bottomless supply of second-rate mixers.

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Dec 22 2008

Something to See

The Beckoning of Lovely is a brief video you might like. It’s about making things, and I found it on Andrea’s site. She always has the best links.

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Dec 9 2008

Teenage Girls Resting Feet

I want to blow this up and use it as a wall mural. It was taken by Cornell Capa, and is part of the Life Magazine photo archives, which recently became available on Google.

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Nov 26 2008


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Nov 20 2008

Spoiling the Surprise

This is what I’m getting everyone for Christmas.

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Nov 18 2008

Narrative Arc

Embroidered text messages received over a one year period.

via kirtsy

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Nov 11 2008

12 Most Entertaining Fetish Photos on Flickr

A small collection of fascinating, non-threatening fetish photos. It’s a metaphor for interactions everywhere online, where you can know a few incredibly intimate things about someone, and absolutely nothing else.

One man’s “huh?” is another man’s “ohhh.”

12. Good Company
11. Fetish Tension
10. Storm Trooper High Heels
9. Sir and Sir Fox
8. Star Wars Foreplay
7. Giant Beach Feet
6. Sensual Juice
5. Dead
4. This Time the Dog is the Master
3. Fetish Fair Fairy Godfather
2. Touch My Sith
1. Anthrocon 2007

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