Aug 21 2012

Chilling Conversations with a Five Year Old

Hank: Do you think there’s life on Mars? Some people think so.
Me: I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m sure there’s life somewhere else besides Earth. What do you think?
Hank: I don’t really know. I’m not sure how life is formed.
Me: No one is really.
Hank: The computers know.

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Aug 15 2012

Mighty Happy Giveaway Winners

Mighty Happy Giveaway Winners | Mighty Girl

Remember the Mighty Happy Giveaway Contest? Where we asked readers to share three things that made them happy for a chance to win a copy of Gretchen Rubin’s book Happier at Home (which hits shelves September 4), plus gift bags from Bliss and Anthropologie?

After smiling, nodding, and tearing up through nearly 800 short lists of your happies, we’ve settled on five winners. (Click on the images to enlarge.)

Three Things That Make You Happy | Mighty Girl

Finding Magnolia (comment #692)

Three Things That Make You Happy | Mighty Girl

Hope (comment #542)

Three Things That Make You Happy | Mighty Girl

Annette (comment #406)

Three Things That Make You Happy | Mighty Girl

Mette (comment #666)

Three Things That Make You Happy | Mighty Girl

Vivian (comment #405)

Big thanks to everyone who entered. The contest is over, but feel free to keep adding your happy things. As one of you guys said, “Thanks for asking about happiness. There are like 500 responses, and I don’t think they are for the prize. It’s nice to have a minute to be thankful. It’s a good sentence to complete.” Truth.

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Aug 8 2012

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch

As part of my Life List, I’m photographing all the public libraries in San Francisco.

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project Main Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch | Mighty Girl
San Francisco is your home.

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch | Mighty Girl
Dashiell Hammet‘s typewriter.

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Main Branch | Mighty Girl
Bust of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California.

Hello, fellow book lovers. Right now, the California Library Association is trying to restore $15.2 million in State funding in hopes of preventing the loss of $16 million in Federal funding. Please take a minute to write a letter or two in support of restoring funding. All the information you need is here, so go get yourself a pen.

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Jul 12 2012

Is Rape Ever Funny?

Did you read this article on Jezebel, How to Make a Rape Joke, by Lindy West? It touches on the controversy surrounding Daniel Tosh making a rape joke from stage and online reaction to his comment.

“If people don’t want to be offended, they shouldn’t go to comedy clubs? Maybe. But if you don’t want people to react to your jokes, you shouldn’t get on stage and tell your jokes to people.”

“And being an “equal opportunity offender”—as in, “It’s okay, because Daniel Tosh makes fun of ALL people: women, men, AIDS victims, dead babies, gay guys, blah blah blah”—falls apart when you remember (as so many of us are forced to all the time) that all people are not in equal positions of power. “Oh, don’t worry—I punch everyone in the face! People, baby ducks, a lion, this Easter Island statue, the ocean…” Okay, well that baby duck is dead now. And you’re a duck-murderer.”

I should say that Daniel Tosh makes me laugh, and he seems to be a decent person from what I’ve seen of his work, though of course I’ve never had the guy over for dinner. Still, West’s overall points are so well argued. She articulates the case for what it means to respect the horror of rape without avoiding the topic altogether. Really well done.

I especially enjoyed the examples of appropriate ways for comedians to approach the topic of rape. Is rape ever funny? No. Can comedy be an appropriate forum for commentary on “the absurd and horrific sense of entitlement that accompanies taking over someone else’s body like you’re hungry and it’s a delicious hoagie”? Absolutely.

What do you think?

Update: A few of you mentioned “A Woman Walks Into a Rape, uh Bar” by Harriet Jacobs, which is also thoughtful and well written. Some excerpts:

“Let me tell you a thing you might not know: the inability to hear rape “jokes” without flashbacks, Hulk rage, and “air quotes” is one of the enduring parting gifts of a rapist.”

“For those of you who wonder why rape victims get all super sensitive about rape jokes ‘n shit, well, this is why. Before you’re raped, rape jokes might be uncomfortable, or they might be funny, or they might be any given thing. But after you’re raped, they are a trigger. They make you remember what was done to you.”

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Jul 6 2012

Weekend Soundtrack: Pity Party of One

Wye Oak photo by Natalie Kardos

Are you crying right now? I made this for you.

Pity Party of One on Spotify
Pity Party of One on Rdio


Out the Airlock, Paul Dempsey
Better Than Nothing, Sarah Jaffe
The Way We Ought to Be, Indigo Swing
Love Love Love, Of Monsters and Men
New Ceremony, Dry the River
Hate to See You Like This, Fountains of Wayne
Sugar, Dan Wilson
About Today, The National
Any Day Will Do Fine, Michael Kiwanuka
Doubt, Wye Oak
I’ll Catch You, The Get Up Kids
When the Night Comes, Dan Auerbach
Mama, You Been On My Mind, Jeff Buckley
Rain, Patty Griffin

Do you ever arrange your music by mood? What have you been listening to lately?

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Jul 3 2012

Mighty Thirst: Shots in ‘Cots

BAM! I made shot glasses out of apricots! Because I am a Lady MacGyver. These contain tequila, so I regret not salting the rims to make Margarita Bites. Be ye not so thoughtless.

They’re easy to make. Three steps:

1. Test your apricots to make sure they’ll stand up on their bums.
2. While your apricot is standing on a flat surface, take a metal cap (I used one from a booze bottle), and press it into the stem end.
3. Use a knife or small spoon to pull out the top and the pit beneath.

Voila, drunkards! Tiny little booze bombs.

Happy Fourth of July tomorrow! Please do not do shots and light things on fire. Love, Maggie

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Jun 29 2012

Watch this! The Newsroom

Adding my voice to the chorus of folks recommending Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom. I watched the first full episode this morning on YouTube, and it gave me hope chills. Click here to see it, the embedding is disabled. (Booo!)

Here’s a brief synopsis:

It’s about how Americans have become so divided, in part because of how the media panders to our fears, pitting our worst selves against one another.

If you have a little extra time this weekend, invest it here.

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