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May 15 2017

This iRing Phone Gadget Thing is Bomb

Hi. This isn’t an ad, it’s a thing I use.


I bought an iRing because my friend Ian had one on his phone, and I was covetous.


It’s so useful, I can’t believe everyone doesn’t own one. I mostly use it to stabilize my phone grip when I’m taking photos, but it has saved me from dropping my phone so many times I can’t count.

When it arrives, you pull off a sticky backing a stick it to your phone or case. I’d stick it to a case, because they’re tough to remove otherwise. I don’t love the giant branding, so I’ve been looking at knockoffs and these look pretty good, but the original works and holds up so well that I’ve become a little brand loyal.


Anyway, the little ring part is on a 360-degree swivel, so it only takes a second to make it comfortable, and you can also use the ring as a very stable stand if you want to watch a movie or something. It also comes with a car mount so you can hang it from your dash for navigation and podcasting needs.

I use it every day and it’s perfect. Love, Maggie

5 Responses to “This iRing Phone Gadget Thing is Bomb”

  • Jen Says:

    I’ve got a Popsocket–was talked into it by my 13-year-old but I’m surprised at how useful it is.


  • elsiroomom Says:

    Is it just me, or did anybody else read the porcelain tub thread and think “human trafficking”? Maybe I watch too many police procedurals……

  • Kate Says:

    But also: where is that awesome phone cover from?

  • Eden (still Mrs.) Kennedy Says:

    I feel like if I drop my current phone just a few more times I’ll be able to justify a new one to accessorize with this.

  • seanna Says:

    i’ve been using a loopy https://www.loopycases.com/ and love it. the hold is soft and flexible, it’s been great!