Mighty Life List
Dec 6 2016

Gifts for Sweet, Stumbly Toddlers


Dinosaur Sweatshirt and Tail, $55 KidHub
For the holidays, I got you a two-year old T-Rex shouting “ROAAAR!”


Moluk Bilibo, $30 Amazon
These things are awesome imagination pods. Kids use them as chairs, shells, boxes, you name it.


Upper and Lowercase ABC Blocks, $22 Uncle Goose
Blocks that look artsy when your kiddo leaves them scattered over the floor.


Submarine Bath Light, $10 Amazon
Everything in childhood is more memorable if it happens when it’s dark outside.


Left Right Ergonomic Crayons, $5
Crayons that fit perfectly in tiny fists.


Plui Bath Toy, $13

4 Responses to “Gifts for Sweet, Stumbly Toddlers”

  • JenW Says:

    Thanks for this! I saw they have the bilibo in a small, stackable version which I just purchased for my little cousin. Maybe next year she’ll get the larger one from me. Great suggestions.

  • Michaela Says:

    FYI: The plui grows mold inside that is impossible to get out. Use at your own risk!

  • modbayan Says:

    Thanks for this! We are expecting more suggestions.

  • Amy Says:

    I thought the bilibo would be amazing and bought it when my first was a year old. Four years later I have two more kids and none of them ever use it. I’m still surprised!