Mighty Life List
Dec 14 2016

Gifts For Men with Good Stories and Smiley Eyes

Oak Bar Tool, $39
He gets a cool toy, you get cocktails when you get home from work.

Mini Lumio Book Lamp, $125
We got one of these illuminated books as a wedding gift, and it’s one of the most magical things we own.

Tiny Everstrike Lighter, $10
So much of masculinity is based on the ability to call forth fire in myriad circumstances.

Arduboy, $49
Arduboy is a credit-card-sized, open-source game system that you can program yourself. It was funded on Kickstarter and looks pretty cool.

Ceramic Flask, $92
Now he can feel sophisticated sneaking booze into the movie theater.

Paper Bots: PaperMade, $13
Sometimes he misses getting toys for the holidays.

Felt Bedside Caddy, $20
What he really wants in life is first crack at the remote.

Dec 13 2016

Robot Thoughts

This is an exhibit that contains a jar of soil from the site of each lynching in Alabama, on display at the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery.


I found it through Twitter, and posted it to my Social Justice board on Pinterest.

The post returned hundreds of related pins of people’s pantries.


Dec 10 2016

Dinosaur Feathers!


“This is the first time that skeletal material from a dinosaur has been found in amber.”

Dec 10 2016

Bathtub Number 8


This whole 100 bathtubs goal is moving way too slow. 2017! The year of 92 new bathtubs.

Dec 8 2016

Thursdaaaay, Links!

Ha. Money-face challenge.

Christmas Tree Alternatives, in case you don’t want to cut one down. Our favorite tree farm lost a lot of trees to drought this year and had to truck them in. It felt so foreboding.

Isn’t this little fig ornament so pretty? Figs symbolize peace and plenty.

Some numbers on harassment triggered by the election from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Scroll down for info graphics.

Lots of new contributors to Shop Blue, a gift guide I made to support stores owned by dems who are minorities or women.

Mint is a gadget that tests whether you have bad breath and gives you a grade from A to F.

I’ve always wanted a pair of blue suede shoes.

I think this cat mug is funny, which was unexpected.

I didn’t realize beauty advent calendars were such a big thing. Huh.

I got you guys something.

Dec 7 2016

Gifts for Little Kids with Big Eyes and Sticky Hands


Toysmith Hoppy Ball, $14
Remember these? I still want one.


Sit ‘n Spin, $27
One of these too.


Metal Race Car Kazoo, $15
She wants to drive race cars, you want her to consider the Philharmonic — compromises.


The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, $31
We have this fairy tale edition, and the one by Brothers Grimm, and they’re top notch. Beautiful fabric binding and tons of full-color illustrations.


Boon Pipes Water Pipes Bath Toy, $25
You know how kids refuse to get out of the bath, this worsens that condition.


Boon Cast Fishing Pole Bath Toy, $20
Fill a casserole dish with water, put a towel underneath, and enjoy a little free time.


Moluk Oogi Figure, $15
Sticks to windows, mirrors, and itself.


Califone First Kids Headphones, $12
Now your neighbors on the plane don’t have to listen to Minions four times in a row.

Dec 6 2016

Gifts for Sweet, Stumbly Toddlers


Dinosaur Sweatshirt and Tail, $55 KidHub
For the holidays, I got you a two-year old T-Rex shouting “ROAAAR!”


Moluk Bilibo, $30 Amazon
These things are awesome imagination pods. Kids use them as chairs, shells, boxes, you name it.


Upper and Lowercase ABC Blocks, $22 Uncle Goose
Blocks that look artsy when your kiddo leaves them scattered over the floor.


Submarine Bath Light, $10 Amazon
Everything in childhood is more memorable if it happens when it’s dark outside.


Left Right Ergonomic Crayons, $5
Crayons that fit perfectly in tiny fists.


Plui Bath Toy, $13