Mighty Life List
Apr 21 2015

Pregnancy Update: The Baby!

This is our good, smooshy baby Oslo Boon Ellis.

He is a sweetheart and we love him very much.

He was born last week at around 5 a.m., every finger and every toe accounted for.

He has his brother’s (and his papa’s) good-natured calm, and his mama’s affection for naps.

In other news on the home front, Hank made a rocket ship! A fast one.

As for me, this post will be the only thing I accomplish today that is not is some way related to my boobs.

Apr 10 2015


Whoa. Did you hear the Radio Lab podcast about the Japanese paper balloon bombs? The government used the jet stream winds to successfully propel unpiloted Fu-Go balloon bombs to the U.S. during WWII. When the bombs started detonating, thousands of them, the U.S. government requested that the press keep quiet for national security purposes. And they did.

This sexy legs contest addresses a very specific kind of fetish.

I feel like my grandma would have loved to wear this around the house with her little heeled maribou slippers.

Do you know about right-eye miniatures?

Vintage Dries Van Noten sweater. I have a thing for giant bows lately.

I like to shop for shoes and then not purchase them. Exhibits A-E:
Simple Mules, $130
Lace-Up Full Foot Sandal, $59
Triple Strap Oxford, $135
Wave Slide Sandal, $300
Dries Van Noten canvas wedge on eBay, $200

The Sphaerocoris Annulus is a really good bug.

I’m hoping to give birth this weekend. What are you up to?