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Mar 26 2015

Can We Change that Copy?


I repackaged my Insulin needles, because my needle phobia was making me unreasonably pissed at having to inject medication into my pregnant belly.  Pbbbbbt! PBBBBBT on you, stupid injections of dumbness and stupidity.

That said, modern medication (and access to it) is an unparalleled gift. I would be terrified without it. And as I have learned in this pregnancy, irritated is far preferable to terrified. So thanks, science! I will never complain about jet packs again.

C’moooooon healthy little baby.

Mar 21 2015

Diane von Furstenberg

Excerpts from an O Magazine interview with Diane Von Furstenberg:

On what her mother, an Auschwitz survivor, taught her: She taught me never, ever, ever think of yourself as a victim. No matter what.

I surround myself with young people, I don’t feel my age. I mean, I know I am my age, and I don’t try to hide it. But I have a lot of energy, and I’m curious about the world. And in any situation in life, I always say, “Well, how can I help?”

I don’t think it’s nice to think you’re beautiful. You end up counting too much on it. I had to count on my personality. And my legs.

-What are you proudest of?
-My children. And the great relationship I have with me. That is my biggest source of pleasure. I trust myself, I respect myself, I know I am a good girl, I know I can rely on myself. I like my own company. I am funny. I talk to myself and have a good time.

Mar 16 2015

Taste 1,000 Fruits: Gold Nugget Mandarins

I added Gold Nugget Mandarins to my list of fruits over at Go Mighty.

I love it when I can upgrade a fruit I eat on the regular with one that has a similar flavor profile, but tastes much better. Farewell tangerines, hello Gold Nugget Mandarins.

Mar 13 2015


Paper carvings by Maude White.


Baby dancin’! Leave it to the web to take “playing with your baby” viral.

Perfect party hats for your next baton-twirling party.

Snow graffiti. File under people you want to be friends with, but it will probably be hard to get them to come out, because they’re busy making stuff. Like tea. (via BB-Blog)


Bunch O Balloons lets you fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than a minute. The future is now.

They don’t have these in my size anymore, but maybe you’ll luck out.

Pendleton’s collaboration with Urban Outfitters is neat.

I’m slowly adding to my collection of not-stupid clothes that make it easy to nurse/breastfeed.


My Own Life, Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer “Over the last few days, I have been able to see my life as from a great altitude, as a sort of landscape, and with a deepening sense of the connection of all its parts.”

Kanye West vs. White Mediocrity “It’s far from an original observation that primarily black venues are more demanding of technical excellence than primarily white ones. The Apollo Theatre still has an executioner who will shoo you offstage in the middle of your act if it’s found wanting. There’s no other record label that ever matched the exacting standards and relentless discipline of Berry Gordy’s Motown machine. For all the bragging about technical virtuosity among, say, metal guitarists, metal lacks a tradition of direct public challenge equivalent to MCs in a rap battle. Joe Jackson saw the Osmonds’ show, created a similar show with his own sons only with much more grueling standards of performance and choreography, and the rest is history.”

A free guided meditation that didn’t irritate me. These are harder to come by than I expected, perhaps because I need to meditate more.

Mar 11 2015

Wanda Gág

I liked this Brain Pickings Piece on Wanda Gág, who was an artist and entrepreneur.

Mar 5 2015

Packing Light: Palm Springs, Maternity Edition

I had about two minutes left to fly before potentially giving birth next to the drink cart, so Brad and I headed to Palm Springs. I took a carry on and a backpack, and this is what I packed for five days. Lots of this stuff I’ve had forever, so links are mostly to similar items.

Tank Dress H&M | I’ve been living in non-maternity jersey stretch dresses so as to take full advantage of this nine-month period where a gut is adorable. Here’s a fancier one than mine.
Saltwater Sandals | These are a million years old, impossible to destroy, and my go-to travel sandal.

Romper PJs | I try to pack PJs I can wear out if I need to, and these are good by the pool. For romping.

The belly! See you soon, baby.

This is me just after we landed, I’d changed shoes, but otherwise this is a pretty typical travel outfit for me — stretchy and PJ-esque.

H&M knit dress | Another stretchy non-maternity piece, the skirt was originally ankle length, but I stained the bottom, so I cut it off. Then I cut the sleeves off. Then I realized you can totally customize knit dresses just like you can T-shirts and why aren’t we all doing this constantly?
Open Cardigan | I got this in Australia, and I’ve worn it a lot less than I anticipated because ironing. Pbbbbt.

Maternity Swimsuit | I figured I’d wear this like twice, so I went with basic and cheap. I’d go bikini, but my belly button is a monstrosity. It’s like eight inches across, and I feel actual shame about it.

Straw Hat, vintage | I got it in a consignment shop in San Louis Obispo, and it makes me feel all gaucho. That’s a bit of rosemary tucked in the band after a walk.

Normally, you could get away with packing two sundresses and a bikini to Palm Springs, but we’ve already discussed my belly button and it was February. It gets cold in the desert at night always, but in February? It actually rained all day the day I wore this.

Black Maternity Pants | I’ll never live without black pants again. So much more versatile than jeans for me.
Gap Body Long-sleeve T-shirt | Also not technically maternity, but I always pack it as an under layer when I travel.
Metallic Pewter Tieks | This was the other pair of shoes I packed, and always pack, and may they never stop making them amen.

Vintage Silk Scarf | Can you tell I’m falling asleep in this photo? This trip was 80 percent nap.

Vintage embroidered Mexican shirt | You find these a lot in antique stores in California, but they’re all over eBay.
Stretch jersey tube skirt | Not maternity, but if you don’t own one of these, get one. So crazy comfortable. The only problem is that they tend to turn inside out when you go to the bathroom and then you’re walking around with your tag out. Be ye forewarned.

I don’t normally wear purple, in part because that poem made me uncomfortable about it, but the embroidery on this was too beautiful to pass up, and it covers the yoke in back as well.

• Silk Scarf Top | I’d owned this lovely hand-painted silk scarf for years and never worn it. So I made it into a top by folding it into a triangle, cutting a slit for my head along the fold, and then hand-stitching a rolled hem. Took about half an hour, and it packs down to nothing. Makes a great suit coverup as well. Do this immediately.
• Black Tank Top

This is how I traveled home with pool hair.

• Vintage Silk Scarf
Urban Outfitter Sunglasses
American Apparel deep-V tee | My go-to for nursing.
H&M Long Sweatshirt | Not a maternity piece, I think it was actually from the men’s department, but I wore this when I was pregnant with Hank, and kept right on wearing it until now. H&M men’s section has the best stuff. (Speaking of which, another option.)
Muji Foldable Shoulder Bag | I bought this in France when I realized that I’d never make it all day on foot with a heavy leather purse. It’s nylon so it zips down to a little pouch I can throw in my luggage, and weighs nothing.

Not pictured:

• My backpack with camera and electronics.
• Undies
• My Dopp kit
• An extra, zip-down tote to carry home thrift store treasures.

And that’s it. You can do it! Thou shalt not check.

Mar 3 2015

Still Pregnant