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Jul 25 2014

Something Blue

Nerdy brides, heed Nathaniel Russell’s Space Hanky.

Wait, you already have that Tardis decal on your shoes? Ok, nevermind.

Jul 22 2014

Strategies for Changing Habits

Comic by Nathaniel Russell, who sells cool stuff here.

Gretchen Rubin outlined her upcoming book on habit formation, Better Than Before, in 21 sentences, and I’ve been mulling a few of the concepts.

Adopting new habits, making choices automatic, is theoretically the simplest way to improve your life. I know this. But theory is so much more straightforward than practice. Theoretically all of us are lean, patient, well-rested people with flossing habits that would shame Sofia Vergara. (That woman flosses. Look at her.)

A few of the concepts I found appealing:

Monitoring, “You manage what you monitor, so find a way to monitor whatever matters.”
Identity, “Your habits reflect your identity, so if you struggle to change a particular habit, re-think your identity.”
Scheduling, “If it’s on the calendar, it happens.”

Are you trying to change any habits? Or do you think you are who you are, and fighting it is just chugging uphill Sisyphus-style?

Jul 21 2014

Shinji Nakaba, Contemporary Jewelry Designer

Yesterday, I came across a ring by Shinji Nakaba on Pinterest. He designs sculptural jewelry that deals in classical subjects, like the body, decay, botanicals. He’s based in Tokyo and specializes in glyptic art, which is carving of precious materials, particularly gemstones.

His tiny sculptures often read as detail shots of works from antiquity, and sometimes find direct reference points, like the David Ring above, which is the ideal gift for your inner 14-year-old boy.

He’s drawn to unusual materials as well.

He does lots of work with aluminum, and fashioned this hydrangea brooch from beer cans.

There’s not much information about Nakaba online in English, but it looks like this site featured him as a street-fashion subject. Unsurprisingly, the man is a hell of a dresser.

If you want something he’s made, his work is available for purchase here, and the prices don’t seem crazed given his talent. Go have a look.

Jul 18 2014

Rock to Never Never Land

I like it when real life reads like an Onion headline.

Jul 14 2014

Piccolo in Minneapolis

Bay scallop crudo with coconut, golden raisins, hot pepper and citron vinegar

Thanks so much for the Minneapolis tips, everyone! I’m exploring like crazy and the food and cocktails here are so good. I made a reservation at Piccolo to celebrate our first night in town, and it was a huge treat.

Rabbit liver tart with caramelized onions, compressed strawberries, olive oil and sorrel

I bit into this before I thought to take a photo, but that snowy dust is olive oil, which they powdered presumably using magics.

Monterey Bay squid with fresh dragon beans, manila clams, smoked pork shank and fresh okra

They have a 5-course tasting menu for only $55, and our waiter Xan made great suggestions for wine to pair with the courses.

Hanger steak with butter poached radishes, tomato and Calabrian pepper jam, white anchovies and horseradish

The room was so sunny and happy. One of the nicest meals I’ve had.

Rabbit loin with summer truffles, artichokes, tortellini, turnips and parmigiano-reggiano

Also, and maybe this sounds odd, but the bathroom was charming. Navy blue walls with a gold peacock feather wallpaper on one wall and lots of attention to detail. I liked it so much that I asked the waiter who designed it, and apparently it was the proprietor of a local boutique called Honeyshine. So if you go, make sure to stop into the loo.

Sweet corn panna cotta and bourbon corn cake with blackberries and caramel

4300 Bryant Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN

Sun-Mon 5:30-9pm
Weds-Thurs 5:30-9pm
Fri-Sat 5:30-10pm
Closed Tuesday

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Jul 11 2014

See a Real-Life Cockeyed Experiment in Action? Check.

I suspect a lot of you know of Cockeyed, Rob Cockerham has been around since the dawn of internet times when modems made sounds and and only the very dedicated could download porn. This Fourth of July, Rob met up with us and conducted one of his famous experiments. This one was about which firework is loudest, and we were right there to watch him at work.

If you don’t know Rob, he’s the guy who made the crazy Disneyland costume that was making the rounds. He’s into silly pranks, experiments, and amazing Halloween costumes. Some of my favorite stuff he’s done:

The photographic height/weight chart
His Llyod Dobler costume
Formal Dinner Party at Ikea
Sign replacement prank
Paparazzi costume

Thanks for letting us sit in on your mad genius, Rob.

Jul 10 2014

I’m in Minneapolis!

I’ve never been to Minnesota before, but I’m in Minneapolis for a few days, so I’d love some tips. I’m particularly looking for delicious items of food to put in my mouth — like the best doughnut, or best bloody mary, that kind of thing. Also, I’m curious about fun places to shop, especially vintage and second hand.

Last night our waiter at the Mexican food restaurant said, “The green salsa is gonna be our Salsa Verde.” Also, there were key terms on the back of the menu explaining the types of peppers and what “queso” was and such. For me, it was exotic, like the menu at Denny’s needing a glossary. The food, in case you’re wondering, was delicious.

So far, Midwesterners are living up to their reputation of being crazy nice, and the streets downtown are clean enough that I’d feel comfortable picnicking on the sidewalk.

Hat in the air,

(Update: I wanted to edit the menu paragraph after a couple of people pointed out that my comments came across as rude, but decided to apologize and explain my intent in comments instead. Search for *** to find my notes.)