Mighty Life List
Feb 11 2014

Up Yours, Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide

No one is sending you flowers. No one is coming home with a heart-shaped box of chocolate. But screw it. You know where to get flowers, and you’ve been working out anyway. This Valentine’s Day, you’re taking care of your own damn self.

Hand-engraved F*** Off Heart Locket, $30

Finally, a piece of heart-shaped jewelry you can get behind.

Jersey Sweater Night Onesie, $65

For a short while you’ve got no one to impress but yourself. Let’s do this.

Smudge Trio, $12

What the hell. Couldn’t hurt.

“I’m surrounded by assholes.” French Mug, $12

You’re not alone. You’re particular.

I’m Fine T-Shirt, $22

What? The invitation said “wear red.”

Don’t Care Tote, $12

You’ve got your own stuff, man.

Key Bottle Opener, $12

Your key ring, and your soul, are so much lighter without the extra apartment key. Let’s make better use of that space. Cheers, Valentine.

4 Responses to “Up Yours, Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide”

  • Val Says:

    OK, I totally need that locket.

  • Ari Says:

    I basically need all of this. Except the onesie maybe? Maybe.

    Thank you.

  • Maggie Mason Says:

    Girl. You need the onesie.

  • Amanda Says:

    I’m not even single and I want all of these things, ESPECIALLY the onesie!